The diagnosis….

It’s truly the weirdest feeling. I guess I never really took the time to think about how I would react to hearing “the news”, but I’m sure it was a lot less graceful than many people. But just the word in and of itself, cancer, makes me mad. Who do you think you are to come barging into my life trying to take it?? You, sir, are a jerk. There, I said it. Cancer is a jerk. You know you were thinking it too. So now that we are past that, it’s time to face the harsh truth. Melanoma, especially once it has spread to your lymph nodes like it has in my case, is a scary, scary thing. But when my husband looks me in the eyes and says with all the love in the world, “It’s going to be ok”, I can relax and know that it is. It really is. So, I have cancer. Does that automatically mean I need to blog about it? I think so. It seriously seemed like a very natural thing to do. I say it’s so people can keep up with things so I don’t have to put all kinds of depressing things on facebook and ruin someone’s day when all they wanted was to see babies, breakups, and political drama. In reality, I think I’m just trying to make sense of this. My goal: to remain as positive and strong as I can and to kick this turd’s butt!! My God is a lot bigger than cancer, so I’m pretty sure I can chill and stop with the random crying fits. It’s just when I look at my kids or my husband and my heart swells with love and I think about all they are going to have to endure with me in the upcoming who knows how long that I burst into tears leaving a very confused husband because all he did was ask if I fed the dog. I think I’m gonna end my first post here. You get the jist. I’m Kim. I have cancer. I have a blog about cancer. I love God and will praise Him every step of this journey.


8 thoughts on “The diagnosis….

  1. Love Love you Kim prayers continually for YOU Eric and your kids…..God is good and will get you through day by day.

  2. Wow Kim! I love you…Only you would call cancer a “turd” and a “jerk”:) Praying for you every step of the way!

  3. God can do anything and with your attitude I believe you will kick cancer’s butt!!! I praise God for your amazing attitude! Praying for you and your family!

  4. Hey Kim, Shayla (your cousin?) just commented on my blog and shared a link to yours. I’m skimming through your cancer journey and just got back here to the source of it…the diagnosis. That’s where I’m at. Had a lesion removed a few weeks ago…it was a medium thickness melanoma. I just had a wide local excision and the lymph nodes in my groin area biopsied so we’re waiting on “the news” which of course, could be good and could be bad. I’m finding that even at this “stage” the cancer/melanoma story immediately connects you with so many people. So anyway…I will be tracking with your story now…praying for you and your family.

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