There aren’t even words…

I truly don’t even have to words to begin to describe how blessed we are by all the amazing people in our lives. I have definitely come to learn that it is not our circumstances that define our blessings but the people in our lives are the true blessings! People are always what’s most important to God, and I feel so much love for all the people in our lives who are completely selflessly offering themselves to us in prayer and in service. Truly, I am often overwhelmed to tears these days by the genuine love and concern shown to us. So, this blog post is to thank YOU for being there for us. I will never be able to fully put into words how much your love, prayers, and support really mean to us. Sheesh I love you people!! And my prayer is that some day I can be there for you if you have a time of need. Imma take a minute now and brag on some people. Cuz it’s my blog and I do what I want.
My husband is amazing. He has been unendingly supportive through this. He lets me cry and makes me laugh. And watches Pitch Perfect and Elf with me whenever I want. That’s love!
My kids have no clue what’s going on and I’m so thankful to just be Mommy at this point in time. Not “mommy who doesnt feel good” or “mommy who is very sick” just “Mommy” 🙂
My family is so stinkin great. And I mean my parents and siblings from both sides!  They have proven they are willing to do anything for us and they are completely awesome! And cousins, aunts, and uncles – everyone!!! I can’t even think of how to put in to words how amazing you all are. Legit. I’m blessed!!!
Friends – heeyyy! Again, don’t know where to start. You (hopefully) know who you are!! From the people who continually listen to me whine and offer to help in any way possible (Ellie!) and people who have been through this and want to help me through it all (Beth!) and EVERYONE in between. There are people I have never met in person who are interceding for me daily. Wow! Thank you to those who cry with me; laugh with me, give me encouraging messages through here, mail, facebook, and of course face to face. YOU have helped us. By listening, by praying, and by physically being Jesus to us. Thank you. Thank YOU!!! I can’t thank you all enough. I wish I could just list everyone by name, but I fear I would forget someone so I’m not gonna do that. But so many of you have touched my heart recently. Just know that you are making a huge difference in our lives and we love you so much and appreciate you so much. YOU are a blessing from God. Thank you.


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