The Oncologist (dun dun duunnn!)

I am gonna try to do this fast because I know so many of you are (awesomely and amazingly) waiting to hear how my appointment went! So let me just say: prayer works!! Most of you know I was super nervous about how my oncologist would be and….he is awesome!!! I felt really comfortable with him (and so did Eric and my sister in law Michelle – who is so knowledgeable about this stuff. What a blessing she came along!!) so that was just a huge relief. I have a whole bunch of appointments for diagnotics in my immediate future, but that is definitely to be expected. I have an MRI of my brain tomorrow, a full body PET scan Friday in Philly, and a consultation with the surgeon next Wednesday in Philly. Wow, what a whirlwind! But truthfully I feel peace right now. I am very happy with our doctor and his nurse and with the level of care we will be recieving at Penn. God is awesome!!

So at my appointment today, they drew cells from one of my affected lymph nodes to check for a genetic defect. Here is the kicker: we want me to have this specific mutation because it apparently opens a lot more doors for treatments. Melanoma is a tricky bugger, and your typical chemotherapy doesn’t work, so this will be very good if I’m a mutant. Of course, I’m not like a cool mutant like Mystique or Wolverine. No, my mutation gives me cancer. But then it helps me fight my cancer! Not exactly X-Man material, but I’ll take it. Cancer Girl probably wouldn’t sell a lot of comics anyway….

So, my esteemed prayer warriors, since your prayers obviously have power, I humbly ask for a few more specific requests:
1. Please pray that the cancer has not spread beyond the nodes that we already know of.
2. Please pray that I’m a mutant. Of sorts.
3. Please continue to pray that I will be able to use this for God’s glory.

Looks like I will have lots of tests and lots of results coming up. God has given me peace. Man, He is awesome!!! Thank you a million times over for your support!


16 thoughts on “The Oncologist (dun dun duunnn!)

  1. You are so brave and strong and our prayers will be going before you on this journey. One day at a time and one praise at a time. Praise The Lord for an awesome Dr.

    1. Exactly, Connie! That, for whatever reason, was something I just couldn’t get past – I was so scared I wouldn’t feel comfortable with the dr and would have to find a new one and start all over. So much God for this!!!

  2. Yay my “mutant” friend!!! I always knew you were cool but now you’re WAY COOLER than well…a mutant ninja turtle!! =) LOL I’m so happy your appt went well today & that you had that peace I was praying for & that your doctor was(is) awesome & that you got there safely & that your 1st appt is over & that you have some tests scheduled & that God was right there with you & that your on your way to beating this “C” word & I’m most thankful for you just being YOU!!! Love you!!! God is Good!!!

  3. Yeah for the peace of God which transcends ALL understanding!! I will be praying for the specifics you asked us to pray for. God is good and awesome!!

  4. Yay God!! You don’t know me but I am Julis best friend šŸ™‚ I am praying for you and following you!! I love you as a sister in Christ!!!!

  5. Praise God for providing an awesome doctor for your care! So glad your appointment went well! God provides! All things are possible through him! šŸ™‚

  6. Despite the serious content of your posts you still manage to be hilarious!! We will pray that you are a mutant! šŸ™‚ Wow what a whirlwind of tests coming up – I wish I could offer babysitting services during the day. Praying for endurance for you!

  7. My mom was a mutant.. and so are my sisters.. I happen to be normal. my personal thought is… mutant is better. You can target it and know what youre up against. ā¤ u kimba…. You are a strong woman. And you will kick this in the butt… Of that I am sure! šŸ™‚

  8. Love you Kim! I will be praying for you and the family! Plus I’ll get my whole term of classmates on it! This cancer doesn’t stand much of a chance!

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