I’m home!

Now the crazy news: I’m home! Trust me, no one saw this coming less than me considering I still look and feel like an extra on The Walking Dead. Seemed like I’d be at the hospital forever but one of the surgeons popped in today (Monday) to check me and thought I’d do better at home. So we will see! Glad to be home but scared that I’m going to scare the kids when they see me because I legit look like fat Monica from Friends. Seriously. Pretty sure the kids will be a little scared of me so I gotta prep myself for that little heartbreak, but this will get better!! I still have a drain in my neck and one in my leg (they took on neck one out – yay!) and still can’t move the right side of my mouth but this will most likely start to come back soon πŸ™‚ Thanks again, prayer warriors, you guys are amazing!!


22 thoughts on “I’m home!

  1. Praise the Lord….that’s amazing……thought for sure you would be blogging DURING the surgery, telepathically sending out thoughts to a laptop or something πŸ™‚

  2. Kim have been praying constantly for you (and yours) . Now still am praying and also praising too! We serve an awesome God!! Glad to hear you are home, just be sure to take care! Love you, you are one strong girl,with a wonderful way w/words an a great witness for your Lord.Love & Prayers, from Aunt Lynda.

  3. You and God are the amazing ones. I’m praying for a safe recovery for you if you need anything the church or Cherise have my number even if it is just to have some one come help clean or do laundry I thank you for being a hero and I know God has you in his arms so everything will be ok

  4. Kim, I am so so glad to hear you are home – ‘there’s just no place like home” πŸ™‚
    Continuing to lift you and your family up in prayers to our Awesome, Mighty, Powerful, Omnipotent, Great Physician who can do ALL THINGS!!!

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