More news!

I wasn’t planning to update today but I spoke with my oncologist last night and wanted to give you guys the news. First the good news: he said that the cancer had not moved to any more lymph nodes, which is great!! They removed 51 (!!!) lymph nodes total and only the two we knew about contained cancer. Woohoo!! The not so great news is that the one by my ear (on my parotid gland) had, for lack of a better way to explain it, sprung a leak, so although they got the gland out, the cancer will have spread to the surrounding tissue. The next step is radiation that area to kill the cancer cells that eeked out. I will at some point next week meet with a radiation oncologist at Penn who will oversee my treatments and he told me treatments would start the week after Thanksgiving. Good news: I can have my treatments locally! This is awesome considering he said the treatments would be every weekday for 4-6 weeks. They only last about 15 minutes each apparently. I know nothing about radiation, this is just what he told me. So none of this is unexpected, just wanted to let you all know. Because you’re awesome. And you care. And you pray for us. And we love you!!

Apparently, all these world-famous doctors were talking at their weekly tumor board on Thursday about my case and the surgeon said that I was healing amazingly and that he couldn’t believe how fast I was healing and how upbeat I was. I’m not bragging, I’m telling you that this is a direct result of your prayers! God is working and He is good!!

So much good has come out of this so far, it’s really hard to even wrap my head around. Although I had to let the control go of my physical health, I feel at a really good place. I came home last night from my parents’ house (which was a really fun time believe it or not!) and it was really great to just be home and feel “normal” again. My physical limitations are few. I just can’t lift the kids up. That’s really it. I’m a little slow and stiff but picking up the normal activities has felt really good. Truly, more than anything, I feel joyful. I know this process is just beginning and I have no idea how or if radiation will affect me physically or what the chemo process may be like, but this has put everything into perspective. Life seems sweeter somehow. Whatever my kids do, good or bad, I just smile because I’m here and I’m with them. There’s a certain appreciation for every moment that I wish I would have realized before all this, because life is good. It is sweet, and amazing, and wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, there are low times too and there are tears, but there’s so much more to my life than my health and physical capabilities. Time for me to stop existing and getting down about the little things that ultimately don’t matter and start living! I want God to refine me through this process. I want to start looking at every day as a gift and an opportunity and every person I come across as a treasured child of God, which they are. Everyone has a story and just because they are rude to me or seem grumpy doesn’t give me the right to dismiss them. God loves them. He loves them as much as he loves Mother Teresa or Billy Graham. Now thats’s a pretty cool thought! Our youth pastor always says, “Hurt people hurt people”. That is so true! People hurt us because they’re hurting. That’s why we hurt people too. Time to end the vicious cycle! I’m not gonna allow how people treat me determine how I’m going to treat them anymore. Life is too precious and God is too good to keep doing what I was doing before, which was just going on autopilot. Today is the day 🙂

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you!  I’m not a mutant 😦 No invisibility. No super strength. No lightning speed. Just normalness haha. But at this point, normal sounds really good. So I’ll take it.


10 thoughts on “More news!

  1. That is wonderful, great, outstanding news!!!! We will continue our prayers and positive thoughts as you go through the treatments. You are such an amazing woman, I love reading your blog. Your smile shines through in your writing, I am truly appreciative of you sharing your experience. I simply want to Thank you for writing, Sharing and smiling.

  2. I don’t know you but found about your journey through Wendy Graham . She posts your blog entries on FB. I finished treatment for breast cancer in September. You have a wonderful attitude! The key is to stay positive and hand it all over to the Divine. All the prayers help! Some people apologized that they didn’t do more for me. I remind them that they were praying and that was the biggest help. So I will pray for you now. Oh. . .your SIL Michelle is a wonderful rad tech. You are blesses to have her expertise on this journey.

    1. Hey Amy thanks for the encouragement! You are totally right – people praying is more than enough! So thank you for yours! And yeah that was an awesome bonus to have Michelle hopefully doing my treatments. She is so awesome and been such a help through all this

  3. You are such an inspiration!! I have no doubt that you haven’t been told that numerous times!! I loved todays post about your kids. I am not going to take what you are going through for granted when you post these things. Today, I start treasuring them even more. I am going to smile when they are rotten to remind me to enjoy every minute of it. Thank you sweet sister in Christ! You are amazing!!!

  4. Praise God that the cancer did not spread to other lymph nodes! We’ll keep praying for you as you begin the radiation treatment. Your post was a good challenge to me today – I was getting annoyed about little things and not stepping back to see the big picture and enjoy life. Thanks!!!

  5. Great news, we pray daily for you…..i saw another post ( K Conklin) suggesting a book, female writers did the Twilight books, then another did the Hunger Games books, I guess it’s your turn next 🙂 We are all blessed by your posts

  6. How wonderful to see you in church this morning. You are such an amazing young lady. My prayers are with you and Eric. What ever you need ask except for meals oops sorry just not a cook.

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