Denied :(

**This app makes it near impossible to edit once it’s published (hence the frequent typos!) but I need to add that upon some “insider information” and a little research on my own, I am more than happy at this point to just throw my hands in the air and ONLY pray for God’s will to be done in this and not pray for any specific treatment over another. I would humbly ask the same of you to those of you who have been praying for us. This should be at the end but it won’t let me do that. So…sorry! :)**

When I first started this blog, I told myself that I would try to only blog when something important came up or when my feelings were forming coherant thoughts. I also realized that I want to document things as they come up so that after I’ve beat this I can look back and realize all we had to go through. So that is the purpose of this post.

First, I need to explain that our radiation oncologist, I’ll call him Dr. A, has a team that works with him and us. He has a resident (possibly a few, actually), he has a nurse practioner assigned to me, a dietician, and a social worker assigned to us to help keep us up to date on things and help us with big decisions. So the social worker called me today to let me know that my insurance has denied Dr. A’s request for the proton beam therapy. Ughhhhh. She told me that this information had just came across her desk and that Dr. A had already called the insurance company to schedule a face to face meeting with someone on the insurance company’s board to try to get them to overturn their decision. She said that that does happen occasionally and that it’s possible it will work. She said if they still refuse to cover it, that they will somehow appeal the decision and try that way to get it overturned. Very confused about all this at this point and which treatmemt really is better. I will let Dr. A fight the insurance battle but if he loses he loses. We will not seek legal action, although that was suggested.

So this is just the latest speedbump. Part of me is screaming, “Call up that insurance company and give ’em heck! Who do they think they are playing God with your life??” then there’s the more reasonable side of me (it’s small but it’s there!) quietly whispering God’s promise in Psalm 32 “I will guide you along the best pathway in your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” So glad God revealed that verse to me before today or I would probably be in handcuffs at this point otherwise. I gotta believe it. I gotta claim it. Otherwise this news would be such a crushing blow to my already dwindling “I got this” attitude. One day at a time!


13 thoughts on “Denied :(

  1. Hi Kim. I have been following your blogs since Pastor Rocky started forwarding them two weeks ago. Now I have subscribed. Your in-law parents are friends at Eph Naz. You have a gift of communication and an amazing understanding of the Word of God to stand upon. I have experienced some pretty serious health threats along the way – some setting me aside for months, but not as seemingly “life threatening” as yours at this time.My cancer was easily treated although I lost a baby in the process. You are wise to understand that what is happening to you is not just about you. The Lord has chosen you for greater kingdom purposes and it seems that you can grasp that concept. I am sure you are aware that there are hundreds of people praying for you and your family. Thank you for being vulnerable enough to share your thoughts in this way. I am sure that is providing much encouragement to others who are struggling with illness right now. Your light is reaching far beyond what will know in this world. Your father in law has his eyes set on heaven and we are grateful for his excitement and ability to teach. Yet, as we all know, we have to get through here before we get there to find out what it’s all been about. This is true Kingdom work and the battle for our souls gets heavy and difficult. Isn’t it wonderful to know that Jesus is always present. Keep hiding in Him as He leads you and your family through this. You are a living testimony of faith. Blessings. Char Snyder

    1. Wow thank you so much for this. I am so sorry to hear what you went through, I think on a lot of levels that’s harder than what I’m facing (not this it’s a contest or anything, I just can’t imagine how hard that would be). And I totally know how blessed I am to have the family that I do! Thanks again so much I was feeling really down and confused and this reassured me to hear πŸ™‚

  2. Ephrata police department probably doesn’t own a set of handcuffs, they would have had to use duct tape πŸ˜‰ , we will all pray for God’s intervention in this decision , remember the “aneurysm” that had you so worried, we prayed that into insignificance , hold tight to your faith and trust in the Lord

      1. We have a team that specializes in health insurance questions. I would highly suggest that she give them a call to see if there is another route that she can take to appeal, etc. We do also have a volunteer driven program that takes patients door to door to cancer related appointments. We ask for four business days’ notice to have enough time to line a volunteer up for that drive. We can’t guarantee transportation as the program is volunteer driven, but we are able to get patients where they need to go more than 90% of the time. There are a ton of other resources through American Cancer Society (free wigs and makeup if she would need them, online support, financial planning guides, etc.) and also a ton of resources that are available throughout the community.

        When Kim is comfortable and able she can contact us at 1 800 227 2345 at any time to discuss the topics above

        Kelly Edwards | Account Representative, Hospital Systems

        East Central Division | American Cancer Society, Inc.

        314 Good Dr

        Lancaster, PA 17603

        Phone: 717-397-3745

  3. Kim, this might be helpful, although you’ve probably read this somewhere… there’s alot of talk about prostate cancer on the site, but the content is helpful!

    Also, is your hubby’s open enrollment for insurance available right now? It may even be a matter of changing from HMO to PPO? Not sure if that can happen or if it’s that simple, but a possibility to explore? Never hurts to ask…

    I know that news is discouraging, but you are Jesus’ precious little bird… Matthew 6:26 AND Isaiah 40:31… XO! flap flap!

    1. Marti – I love you!! Thank you so much for this! I will look into that link and see what I can find. And also, it’s so funny you mention the bird thing, God has been placing that on my heart a LOT lately, and has been using others to bring it to my attention. Flap flap!! πŸ™‚

  4. praying and believing that the hearts and minds of the people at the insurance company will be open and receptive to the information that your doctor presents. wondering if this is one of those things that an insurance company rejects at first hoping you will just give up and try something else. hold your ground my dear, when God is for you, who can be against you?

  5. There is such a fine line between “fight like heck” and “let go and let God”. Honestly, I have struggled with this for years in different areas. While we do need to trust that God is in control, I struggle with the free will thing in that the dang insurance company is exerting their free will and denying your treatment. Because of the fall, we are all at the mercy of people’s bad choices. My prayer has been “God close the doors that you don’t want me to walk through as I fight this battle with You.” My prayers are with you. See you at 1:00 today!!!!

  6. ok, prayers going up for a change in the insurance company’s decision! I won’t get on my soap box regarding insurance companies and their sometimes really stupid decisions!! πŸ™‚ But as Alicia stated, “when God is for you who can be against you” .
    Keep leaning into Jesus, sweet one!!

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