Waiting and waiting and….

We’ve established that patience isn’t exactly my strong suit. So the waiting to hear about when and where my radiation treatments are is pretty painful. They were supposed to start this week and I still haven’t heard anything. Thanks to all you wonderful people who have been asking, but I just don’t know yet. The problem comes with the fact that we don’t know which treatment I’ll be getting so they can’t really put me on any schedule. It’s been a month now since surgery. We know that the cancer has spread to the surrounding tissue in my face so I have a very strong desire to get these treatments started. I spoke with my radiation oncologist last week and he assured me that things are getting done and that all I can do on my end is wait to hear. Sooooo that’s what I’m doing. I refuse to let this stupid jerkface of a disease affect my quality of life so I’m just trying to remind myself the God is in control so whether I start treatments tomorrow or in a month, I will have the same results. What kind of weirdo is all anxious for radiation treatments to start, anyway? This weirdo I guess. Just shows how impatient I really am, I am chomping at the bit for something to start that isn’t even gonna be a good experience. There is something mentally wrong with me!!

I’m going to take a minute and just again stress the importance of getting any suspicious spots checked. You just never know. This disease does not discriminate based on young or old, male or female. African Americans are less likely to develop melanoma, but if they do, it tends to have a much worse prognosis for whatever reason. So please get checked if you’re unsure. I wish I could go back in time and change how I responded to my first spot. If I had realized how serious this really is, I would not have blown it off.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic Christmas season!! I’m attaching the link to my second favorite Christmas song, Barlow Girl’s “Hallelujah” http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SarPJv6rUiQ
My first favorite is Wham’s “Last Christmas” (duh, whose isn’t??) There is a music video for it, and it’s fantastic! Check it out: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f-cJyrILqcI ๐Ÿ˜‰


3 thoughts on “Waiting and waiting and….

  1. 7 days between posts, thought maybe you had gone “Amish’ or something……looks like you have more views of your blog than Wham has of their video ( 308 ), your recommendation may now triple their views and bring George Michael out of retirement ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I know right? But I’ve literally got nothing to write about! And I hope George Michael does come out of retirement! Maybe he’ll finally get the girl from the video!!! (just kidding haha….)

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