Brace yourself, Florida! Here we come!!

Praise be to God!! He has delivered the miracle that we and so many others have been praying for – it looks the lymph node in question is not cancer! At least that’s what preliminary tests are showing, they apparently need to do one more test but my oncologist didn’t seem to think anything would come back differently – yay!! And the good news kept coming – not only am I able to still participate in the clinical trial, but I was randomly chosen to be in the arm of it that gets the high dose of the new drug, ipilimumab. It’s only slightly scary to take the lesser-known drug, I was actually much more scared I would have to get interferon (the current standard of care for stage 3 melanoma) which hasn’t been proven all that effective and has just buttloads of awful side effects. Ippy may too, especially since I’m getting the high dose, but I’m going into this hopeful that the benefits will far outweigh the risks. I’ve met an awesome girl through all this whose husband was in my exact shoes (metaphorically, of course) just a few years ago. He got the ipilimumab and she is sure it saved her husband’s life. So grateful for stories like these and people like her who are so willing to help and pray and spread awareness about this bunghole of a disease.

Sometimes I feel like a broken record, but…I don’t care (: I want to thank each and every one of you who has been calling, texting, sharing my blog, commenting on here, praying, messaging, encouraging me, and just being plain awesome. I wish I could personally respond to everything – and I try – but you all are pretty stinkin awesome and it’s hard to keep up with. There are times when I feel guilty when I see how burdened people are for us, but I also see now that that is a blessing to us. I never in my life thought I could feel this close to God and this loved by His people. It’s humbling and ridiculous and hard to fathom all at the same time. Our church even committed to praying for me for forty days – there were time sign ups and ribbons and everything!! I know a lot of people have their churches and Bible studies praying for us and I just wanna say THANK YOU!! I know that God performed a miracle here at the request of His people and so He will get all the glory!! It’s still also kinda weird – maybe because I feel really really good and healthy right now – like, wait, I’m the cancer patient everyone is praying for?! How did that happen?? It’s overwhelming, but in the best possible way.

I hope you all have an absolutely fantastic week! You won’t hear much from me (I guess I’ll give y’all a break…) we are headed to Florida for the week starting tomorrow thanks to the charity that is going above and beyond: For Pete’s Sake!! They have taken care of everything for us – I’m still not sure I’ll fully believe it’s real until that limo shows up at our door tomorrow morning (yes, you read that right – limo!!! Our three year old keeps saying ‘lemonzine’ haha). If you are looking for a fabulous charity to donate to, I suggest them. Their motto is “take a break from cancer” and that’s literally what I feel like I get to do! Our local paper is actually going to run a story on our vacation when we get back (what what!! Celeb status y’all!! Lol) and the girl was asking me a few questions and she asked what we were most excited about and I said how Evan is so excited to fly in an airplane and I think Sis will really love Sea World and she says, “But what are you excited about?” And immediatly I responded, “No appointments, or doctors, or tests, or scans, or bloodwork or any of that!” Cancer quickly becomes your lifestyle. It overtakes your life and becomes the new normal so I am beyond glad to leave it all behind (along with the ridiculous snowstorm that’s supposed to hit in a few days!).

Have a great great week and thank you all again!! God is so very good. He would be just as good if the news were bad, I just wouldn’t be quite so upbeat (:


13 thoughts on “Brace yourself, Florida! Here we come!!

  1. We are so happy for this wonderful news! What an answer to prayer. We have witnessed a miracle. Enjoy every minute of your trip.
    Nancy Burkholder

  2. WOOT WOOT!!!!!!! I feel like shouting!!!!! But since it is very I’ll just say Thank You Jesus!!!! I am so very happy for you! Enjoy your week to the fullest!! Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Praise God!!! I am crying tears of joy as I read your blog and praying God gives you the most wonderful week. Remember prays continue for you because we love you and support you. God is so good!!

  4. Praise God!! Thank you Jesus for your healing thus far in Kim’s life! Crying happy tears of joy for you! May you have a wonderful vacation as well!

  5. Wonderful news!! Enjoy your trip. Our Sunday School class at Indiantown
    Mennonite Church prayed for you on Sunday. I am Krista Reiff’s aunt.

  6. I am so happy for you!! What wonderful news you got right before your vacation!! Hopefully, it will be easier to enjoy your time away without having that gnawing feeling in the back of your mind. God does answer prayers!! I love reading your blogs. In the midst of fighting such an awful disease, you remain so upbeat and continue to be a wonderful woman of God. What a great example and inspiration you are! Have a great time away.

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