You got this!

So, it’s been a while! Things have been hectic here, to say the least, but it feels good to be back at it. Firstly, I’m going to break the ice by sharing this picture if ridiculous adorability (I made that word up). Get ready. Are you ready? There’s no way you’re ready:


Right?! I told you you weren’t ready. How stinkin’ cute are they? That’s Mater on the left and Buck on the right and I love their love. Why do I think you need to see that? Because you’ve had a rough week, too. I think a lot of you need a smile. Not because you’re some awful grumperpuss (unless, of course, you are some awful grumperpuss, in which case just stop it) but because we are all dealing with a lot right now. It seems like every day now I hear of someone else really struggling financially, cancer scares, cancer confirmations, families and marriages struggling, and even deaths. It’s a lot to take in and is leaving me a little dumbfounded, quite honestly. Seems like left and right good people that don’t deserve this, whatever it may be, are being dealt some really tough blows. And sometimes I think we are way too hard on ourselves for our reactions. Let’s face it, these things are all usually things that blindside us. We’re hit upside the head and left dazed. We feel angry, disappointed, frustrated, all of it! All of which are valid, in my personal opinion, as long as you don’t let it gain a foothold in your life. My motto lately is “adjust and move on”. Maybe that wouldn’t work for you, but for me it’s a conscious daily reminder that life is different than it used to be but I am not, and refuse to become a victim of my circumstances.

I remember shortly after being diagnosed, I was chatting with a friend and an amazing woman and a stage 4 colon cancer survivor (she’s pretty great, if you didn’t pick that up) and I asked her if she ever felt guilty crying. I guess I felt like if I was crying, that meant I wasn’t trusting God and His plan enough. To which I got back an emphatic DO NOT FEEL GUILTY FOR CRYING! Sorry for yelling haha. She reminded me that guilt isn’t from God and that He gave us tears for a reason, so He could wipe them away someday. I just love that visual! Then she reminded me that even Jesus wept.

I guess I just feel like so many of us are facing some really, really tough stuff and I wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. Something else I remind myself of daily now is “you cannot control your circumstances, you can only control your reaction.” And that’s what it comes down to anyway, right? Control? That was a big issue for me at first- I had no control over what was happening to my body and I felt like my life had been completely stripped away from me. Once I came to the realization that superficial comfort just wasn’t the plan, I was able to accept it and roll with the punches. Most days. Some days I still put up a fight or dig my heels in and try to refuse His nudging, but in the end it’s my perspective and attitude that need changing, not the plan. Two things I can control are my heart and my tongue. And I’m pretty bad at it sometimes, but it’s a process. Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” Everything we do flows from it. Wow. What about our tongue (or language)? James 1:26 says, ” Those who consider themselves religious and yet do not keep a tight rein on their tongues deceive themselves, and their religion is worthless.” Convicting much?? Yikes. And truth is, both are a daily struggle. There are always going to be people who want to believe the worst about you or people who thrive on gossip and drama, and while we can’t control what people say about us, we have absolute ownership of our reaction. I know this now because I’m a celebrity. Check it out!


Lol yup! Its true. We’re famous!! I’ll have my agent let you know when I’m available for autographs (;

Remember, we weren’t built to be robots, we are human. And while that means inevitable failures and trials, it also, praise the Lord, means we are capable of making the best out of bad situations, learning and growing, and coming out on the other side a better person than who we were before it.


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