When opportunity knocks…

You gotta answer! Isn’t that how the saying goes? I remember when I first became a Christian and I told myself (I’m not sure what gave me this idea) that I would not say no to any opportunity to serve that was presented to me as long as it was in any way possible. Through this little deal with myself I’ve learned a lot: I’ve learned that I love working with teens, that I’m in no way called to work with children, and that being on worship team is a really special worship experience that I love. I’ve learned that only by making myself available can I really learn where God wants me and how he wants to use me.

So here I am in a pickle. I’ve been presented a chance to speak at a church tomorrow. Not even my own church! I spoke at my church before but it was only 5 minutes, not the whole service. This has been in the works for a few weeks now, it’s just that I’ve repressed it a little because I’m totally freaking out. I’m having flashbacks to speech class and all the sweat-inducing, heart-racing ridiculousness that that was! I’m not a public speaker. No way! But this opportunity came up and I feel like I need to take it. So I’m freaking out. Hopefully no one from the church is reading this, I want them to think I do this sort of thing all the time- lol! So I’ve prepared my 15-20 minute “speech” (not sure what to call it) And I think I’ve read over it 1,000 times and changed 1,000 things and I’m just hoping and praying that the Lord will use me tomorrow as an instrument and keep me calm so I can do something that I truly love to do and am passionate about, glorify Him! And I also don’t want to puke. Lord, please don’t let me puke! I do not know how pastors do this week after week- hats off to you guys!! I only share this because I really think God has a sense of humor. I think He likes to show us that He can use us and some of our most awful circumstances in ways that we couldn’t have predicted or even picked for ourselves. I didn’t want cancer and I don’t want to speak in public, but here I am about to use my cancer as a platform to glorify God. I’d love to hear stories from you guys about how God used a situation that didn’t seem good at first as a way to glorify Him! And I want to encourage you because sometimes God’s plan seems scary (the whole fear of the unknown thing) but when you embrace it, you can feel a peace about your purpose.


I don’t know why I love these kind of pictures haha, but I do! Its a good reminder (:


3 thoughts on “When opportunity knocks…

  1. You will do fine!! I only wish that I could be there to hear you speak. (It is our Sunday to stay with our special needs grandson) Just pretend that you are writing your blog and the congregation is reading it. You are such a talented writer, and I am sure that you are a talented speaker.

  2. I will be praying that you have such a peace and that you will do just fine! You are such an inspiration to all Kim!

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