Faith in humanity restored

I’m not gonna lie, “faith in humanity restored” is probably my least favorite catch phrase of the moment. I like it even less than “epic fail” or “nom” or using “literally” in a way that is, quite literally, its opposite. This phrase seems to be used when there’s a story of heroics and great sacrifice, and I like those stories for sure, but the truth is, they do not restore my faith in humanity. Because I never lost it. I have seen people accomplish great things, perform heroic acts, and overcome major obstacles. This is definitely a reason to celebrate! But more so than anything, it’s the little kind things that people do for each other every day that blows my mind and helps me see, every single day, that people are good. We want to see each other succeed. We want to build each other up. We want to help, love, and support each other. It’s a beautiful thing!

Some of you may know that tonight our friends had set up a fundraiser at a local restaurant to help us out with our medical bills. And wow were we blown away by the response! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so moved by the kindness and love and selflessness of others. We saw so many friends and family there and some people were there that we only had the pleasure of meeting tonight. And yet there they were, supporting these strangers (us) and helping us through this tough time. There is so much good in people. Sometimes I feel a little sad when I see someone post something on Facebook with the catchphrase “Faith in humanity restored”. I just don’t get it. I have seen everyday of my life the selfless and amazing acts of others. And Jesus tells us to do our good deeds in secret (basically don’t brag, or you’re already getting your reward in the acclaim of other men. We want the act to be seen by God and rewarded in Heaven) So just imagine all the great things that go unseen! It makes my heart literally swell. No, sorry, figuratively swell. Every day is filled to the brim with little chances. Chances to brighten someone’s day. Chances to listen to someone who feels ignored or unloved. Chances to make something mundane into something meaningful. If we would look at our day to day lived in this way, I’m confident that no one’s faith in humanity would ever even be shaken. We all have the potential to make other people’s lives better, even if it’s only a little. But sometimes the ripple of something that seems little to us (a meal out for a good cause?) can be life-changing for someone else. So we want to say THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us tonight and thank you to those that support us in little and big ways every single day.

So don’t get down on people! Ok, so admittedly the news is filled with murder and people doing horrible things to each other, but that can’t be our focus. Just remember that YOU are capable of doing amazing things for people. The people who accomplish great, even seemingly impossible, tasks are no different than you or me. Even something as simple as going out to eat on a fundraiser night can help someone more than you’ll ever know. So take care of each other. Love each other. Build each other up. And please, stop saying “faith in humanity restored”. Besides, everyone knows the best phrase in meme-ville is “if it fits I sits”


Haha, right??


But for real 🙂


One thought on “Faith in humanity restored

  1. our waitress said the biggest fundraiser turnout shes ever seen, ( almost as big a crowd as the free water ice line at Rita’s today ) 🙂

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