I can do this!!

….Maybe. Actually, I’m pretty much convinced that I can’t, but what the hay, let’s give it a go. Did you ever know something was really bad for you, but kept doing it anyway? I think we all have, and I am sooo guilty right now. The truth is, I just can’t seem to get my eating on track. I truly believe that if I could eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, meat of known origin, limited dairy (but full-fat, low fat cheese is just wrong!), and not so much processed and sugary junk, I would be much better off in the way of my health. This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now but just haven’t had the courage to accept. Sometimes, God speaks to me through gentle reminders, over and over and over. Trust me, I am an expert a forgetting things, so when things keep popping in my head seemingly randomly (this one’s been for months) usually when I explore it further I find that God was behind it. So, that’s why I’m finally able to put my eating under the spotlight and try to make some better changes.

My breaking point came last night as I was about to scoop myself a bowl of this ridiculousness:


And then I checked out the ingredients:


Yup. Pretty sure this is why I have cancer. And I’m not being stupid either. (But of course I went ahead and ate a bowl anyway…ok, two bowls! Ugh) My “diet” is chock full of things that God had no hand in creating and I believe it’s killing me. So today, I am going on record to say that I will begin making small changes that will hopefully by the end leave me with a diet full of organic fruits and veggies and with none (or only very small amounts) of these types of things. I know for a fact that cancer cells uptake sugar quickly and that sugar makes it metastasize faster. In my shoes, don’t you think that would be enough to leave it all behind? Well, sure, that all sounds fine and dandy til my husband comes home from Sharp Shopper with a family-sized box of Oreos.

Of all the fruits of the spirit, self control is by far the lowest on the scale for me. Well, maybe not the lowest, but it’s waaay down there with patience. But just like “real” fruit, you gotta nurture it and allow it to grow before there can be enough to harvest. Or something. I don’t know if that makes sense, but you probably get where I’m going with that. Some friends of ours gave us this book a few months ago to read:


And I purposely haven’t read it yet because I didn’t want to change the way I eat. But not today. Today I’m confronting how I eat head on and I’m gonna make some changes! We’ve already made some good changes, like buying local meat with no steroids or hormones in it and pasture fed and all that good stuff. I try to get the healthier eggs (cage free, good diet and all that), I’m trying not to make veggies and stuff in the bag in the microwave, and I’m trying to buy organic wherever possible. Its expensive to eat like this though! So we are going to get into gardening this year and try to grow some stuff and save some money in that way.

I would LOVE any help or pointers you may have in switching to a healthier lifestyle (and bringing my family reluctantly with me). If you know of any books or blogs that would be helpful, I’d love to hear about them! We are going to try to get to a place where we are eating mostly unprocessed foods with minimal sugar and food coloring and things like that. I’d like to not eat genetically modified food and want to up the organics if I can. So I’m willing to learn! It just seems odd that our diet as a nation keeps straying further and further from anything that looks in any part natural and where the list of ingredients is like 50+ things! No wonder we suffer from obesity and that cancer rates keep rising. So we are gonna (try to) do it! Haha but just because I know I shouldn’t do something doesn’t always keep me from it. But here goes nothin! (For the sake of transparency, I’ll confess that I put brown sugar in my coffee already today. Sigh)

So that’s kind of more on the mental side of my journey right now, physically I’m feeling decent. My brain is a foggy mess, I feel tired all the time, when I wake up I’m sore all over for a few hours (feels like when I had Lyme disease and all my joints hurt really bad), my right ear has insane pressure in it all the time, and I have a rash on my face:


My face is also getting swollen again due to something called lymphedema. Lymph fluid has protein in it so it’s actually hard to the touch and since I have no lymph nodes or pathways on the right side of my face an neck, the fluid is building up and my neck is very hard and difficult to move. I actually am going for my first therapy for this today! I look forward to some relief in that sense. I’m also hoping it’s the buildup of this fluid that is affecting my ear and my hearing and that that can be resolved soon, too. And tomorrow I get my third infusion! It’s probably weird to be excited for it, but I am. At the risk of sounding like a junkie, I want this drug and I want as much of it as I can get!

Looks like spring is coming soon! (:


21 thoughts on “I can do this!!

    1. Hahaha Rick! I’m not saying their products aren’t delicious, because they are. Hopefully it doesn’t look like slander or defamation of character or something lol! They have pretty good health care in jail, right? (:

      And thanks for the link. It shows up really small on my phone, so I will check it out next time I’m at a computer

  1. Hi KIm. I found your blog through Laurie Chambers, a long-time friend of mine. I am an 18 yr. cancer survivor. Thanks to the hand of our mighty GOD! I’d be happy to share my eating habits, ideas, recipes etc. with you. Or get my phone no. from Laurie if that works for you.

  2. Hang in there!! I would love to help you if you have a certain weightloss/muscle gain/tone goal, i can really help you out with creating a customized plan for you! they’re extremely affordable right now, just $12-20 for a consultation and one month coaching!! results are seen in just a few weeks! http://healthadvocation.wordpress.com/coaching/
    My coaching consists of IIFYM, you can still have your ice cream too–> i point out that there are certain times you are supposed to be eaten certain foods.

    1. Thanks for reaching out. I’ll keep you in mind if I ever need your services πŸ™‚ Although my face looks puffy in the picture, I assure you I don’t need to lose weight right now lol. Thanks though!

  3. Kim, I cannot tell you how much you and your journey has affected me and my famiy too (in a good way, I promise). I too have been thinking about all the “crap” we put in our bodies and how unnatural things are these days. It seems so overwhelming though looking at the big picture but taking it bit by bit, I think you will notice a huge difference. Again, I think it’s natural to crave those not-so-good things for us, but with the help of the whole family, I know you can do it! Hugs and can’t wait to see you this weekend at the Color Run (and of course just because too). By the way, we have really done a push for more fruits and veggies thanks to the hubby who is training for a half marathon and when that is the only thing around, it helps! Tell Eric to keep all the cake and ice cream at the office if he must…LOL!

    1. Trust me, I know! I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by it but I think if each day I can do a little better than the last with what I beat and what I give the rest of the family, I’ll call that a win! I will make sure Eric keeps it away from me, cuz if it’s here I will eat it!! Lol. Can’t wait to see you guys This weekend! πŸ™‚

  4. So Kim…I only skimmed your blog because the boys are driving me crazy right now….However, I’m completely willing to be an accountability person for you and we can work on our diets together! Anyway gotta go…hash browns are done πŸ™‚

  5. I like http://www.100daysofrealfood.com. Also, if you like Sharp Shopper you might want to try Ebenezers – they have organic produce and other organic/natural options. Making food by scratch will also help your journey into better eating. Start small, like brownies or cakes instead of from mixes. I made homemade granola this morning and it was so easy! I’ll be praying for you. Its a hard transition but so worth it in the end! πŸ™‚ -Abby (a friend of Michelle’s)

  6. Kim, you are again speaking my language when talking about healthy eating. There is so much confusion out there for everyone these days. I have had this issue on my mind and heart for years – especially since am unable to tolerate wheat products and am off sugar. (that about eliminates all baked goods and packaged products). The research (medical and natural) clearly indicates that the chemicals and processing of foods robs us of the natural nutrients contained in whole foods. You cannot go wrong on fresh fruits and veges. There are pastas and mixes that do not contain all the additives. We can be creative with simple snacks and meals that appeal to children. I see above that several people have offered help in this area. I suggest you take one step, one day at a time. Start by replacing the “junk food” cookies, ice creams and other sugar/salt laden foods with something fresh. Kids usually like apples or bananas with peanut butter. There are natural no salt varieties. Almond or sunflower butters are very tasty and a great substitute if someone is allergic to peanuts.
    After years of weaning off baked goods, candy and salty snacks, I have found that I no longer have a desire for them. This usually happens.
    I will try to gather together a few of my simple recipes and strategies to share with you. Later on your family will thank you for making the sacrifice and effort to retrain their eating habits too. (husbands usually take longer πŸ™‚

    I also have some great information to share in response to your previous blog. Feel free to call me at 945-3003 so we can connect on some of these things.

    We keep praying for you and your entire family.

    1. Hey thanks so much! It’s so good to hear that it gets better as far as wanting sugar and other “bad” foods. That’s tricky for me. I’m doing better since I wrote this, but far from perfectly! I will definitely contact you soon, thanks so much for all your help. And thanks for that book! I will read it as soon as I get a chance πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Kim! I follow a blog called ” Snack Girl”. I know it sounds like it would be unhealthy but she is a scientist by training but also a mom of two kids and she is trying to eat healthy and stay away from Genetically modified foods also. She also just came out with a book that has 100 recipes. Snack-girl.com is her site. You aren’t the only one who needs to start eating more organic and healthier foods! πŸ™‚

  8. I am one of the majority who knowingly does things that’s bad for them. I have had had my share of guilty pleasure. Today, I ate 2pcs.of chicken with skin on even though I have not fully recovered from the skin allergy that occurs whenever I eat any part of the chicken. My system was actually clean and clear of chicken this past several weeks until today happened. Absence makes the heart grow fonder or in this case my stomach grew fonder.

  9. If you guys are up for cooking and trying new things, I have bought a CSA share for the last number of years, and I tend to recommend it to anyone who wants to eat healthier or just support their local farmers and know where their food is coming from. If you’re not familiar, it’s like buying into a farm up front, and then you get what you get in a weekly box, so you know what farm you’re working with. It helps them out with up front costs, and then you get produce deliveries (or you pick it up) throughout the growing season. It ups our veggie consumption, and “forces” us to eat them b/c if we don’t keep up with it, it piles up, and I hate to waste good food. We find it gets us better quality stuff at a better cost and saves us additional money b/c fewer grocery store trips means fewer impulse buys (not to mention fewer temptations for junky stuff while I’m there). Anyway, it’s been awesome for us, and if it seems too overwhelming to commit to (since it can be a little costly up front if they don’t offer an installment plan, and it does require you to do more veggie prep/planning), many farms offer smaller sizes, every other week pickups, or you could always split a share with friends. I like that instead of having to go through the work of thinking up or looking up a recipe, and then going shopping for everything, it’s more like Chopped in my kitchen where I figure out what I can make with what’s on hand, and maybe just make a quick trip out for a small number of things. Another option is if anyone offers a fruit share. It might be a good way to try out the model with stuff that’s easier to manage and everyone will enjoy. I’m sure you can find some options out your way. Good luck!

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