Sometimes I forget I have cancer…

Ok, so maybe I never really forget technically, but I like to act like I’m not sick. I like to try to still do everything I did before but my body quickly reminds me that I’m not as healthy as I once was! I’m sitting up at almost midnight right now downstairs because of my stupid cough. A cough that I’ve had for a week now that I found out at the emergency room the other night is bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia. Great. But I’m pretty psyched at what the cough isn’t; it isn’t fluid collecting around my heart or lungs, which is something that can happen with the chemo I’m taking. I wasn’t too thrilled about having to go to the emergency room in the wee hours of the night Friday night, but I’m glad how it worked out. I was still able to speak at the Relay for Life event and still able to be at my sister’s bridal shower the next day. And I learned something new, did you know it’s possible to have two IVs at once?

Totally is.

I just gotta say, if you’ve never been to a Relay for Life event, you should seriously consider it. Especially if you or someone you love is affected by cancer. The one I spoke at was at York College and these kids did a great job. Ok, I know they’re not kids technically, but at my age, they look like babies!  But anyway, it’s so impressive to see young people coming together (in the rainy chilly weather no less) to support those of us in the cancer community. If I’m not mistaken, this event alone raised over $33,000! It really was an honor to be there and to speak to these kids that aren’t kids. I’ll consider it a success if even one of them takes my story to heart and decides not to tan anymore.

It was really moving to hear the kids say who they were relaying for. A lot of them were mentioning their friend, a girl who had gone to their school who passed away last year at the age of 21 from cancer. Then there was the other speaker who is a breast cancer survivor. It’s interesting how you can know nothing else about someone besides that they are dealing with cancer too and there is just a bond and an understanding there that’s really special.

But now I’m pooped. And unable to sleep. And on codeine cough syrup. And I don’t think it’s working. Well, I guess if I’m sitting up at 12:41am blogging instead of sleeping like everyone else, it must not be working. But God’s been showing me some stuff that is really exciting. He’s helping me get my prayer life in order (Colossians 4:2- what?! You mean just drifting off to sleep praying every night ain’t cutting it?? I’ve actually known that for a while, but this is a good kick in the pants haha) And I just sometimes get this tingly sensation when He’s trying to get through to me on something. I have that feeling now so after some Bible reading, some praying, and a little blogging thrown in, I feel ready to receive whatever it is He wants me to know. Maybe this seems crazy, but I stopped caring how I “seem” haha so we will all just have to deal πŸ˜‰


13 thoughts on “Sometimes I forget I have cancer…

  1. If you ever need a midnight buddy to talk to, you can guarantee I’m there for you. Praying you are on the mend from this latest and greatest and that the little ones stay healthy too!

  2. You know I continue to pray and believe in all faith that you will be healed, but I think that my new prayer for you will also include many days that you can forget you have cancer. We both know that is something you have and not something that defines you. I pray that there are more and more moments when you can just be the awesome woman, wife, mother, sister that God created you to be, free from worry and anxiety. Free from the side effects of your medication and illness. I don’t respond often because so much of what you post leaves me speechless. You are a true inspiration, God is redeeming the struggle in your life, and multiplying that redemption over and over again. ❀

  3. Hi Kim. Praying that your lung/cough issues are soon behind you. Just remember that God is soooo much bigger than this cancer which you are battling!! I know that you DO know this. But it did help to remind myself often that our loving, powerful, almighty God is so much more powerful than we can ever begin to imagine. I so appreciate your openness and honesty as you allow others to witness you relying on our faithful God.
    I love your thoughts on prayer as I think of Jesus in the garden this Easter week. He made it real……didn’t he? Keep looking up! xo

    1. Yes Joni! Every year this week gets harder for me as the weight of what He did for us becomes more real and powerful in my life. Amazing!! What an awesome Savior we have! Thank you for your prayers πŸ™‚

  4. So happy to have met you at Old Navy the other week. You are even more beautiful in person. Since talking to you, I pray for you every day, that God would bring healing, peace and strength for each day. Thank you for being an inspiration to many!

  5. i don;t know if those kids are going to listen to an OLD 30 yr old eh ? does the ER staff ( ephrata, LGH ) know all about your ippy drug etc, would be very wise to have U Penn coorduinate with local ER on what to look out for !!! praying for you and eric and the kids that you can overcome this latest huirdle in your LONG personal relay race.

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