Results are in!

Ok, I just spoke with my oncologist regarding my cat scan from Tuesday, and the results are overall good, with a few little odd things of slight concern.  For one,  my organs looked good and clear overall, so that’s awesome! My liver has some lesions on it, but he didn’t seem concerned (if he’s not worried, I’m not worried!). Probably they’ll just keep an eye and make sure they don’t grow or anything, I got the feeling it’s really common to have these lesions on the liver and that they are typically benign. That could be why it’s never shown up on a PET scan. This was the first cat scan of my abdomen that I’ve had done so it’s possible it’s something that’s been there my whole life and is of no consequence. Ok good!

The only real issue is that there is that same lymph node on the left side of my neck that’s causing a problem again. Some of you may recall that I had a needle aspirate of it in February after the PET scan and it came back clear. My oncologist told me in February that it was probably enlarged from being sick or something. Well, not only is it still enlarged, it has grown from 1.3cm in February to 2.3cm. If it hadn’t grown I don’t think he would be concerned about it at all. So I will go next week to see him and get another biopsy of the node. If it comes back positive, well that’ll just open a can of worms. If it comes back negative, then we will wait a few weeks and get a pet scan then to see if it is still growing. If it’s not, then we will just call it odd and ignore it. If it is, then it’ll need to be removed and tested further. There is also something odd going on in my tonsils. This also was noted in the PET scan in February and attributed to probably getting sick. The CAT scan is showing the same issue of enlargement. He said I could just have overactive tonsils. Who knows??

So, that’s the news. It’s not good necessarily, but it’s definitely not bad! Last time when my lymph nodes were large, I was losing weight for no reason as is typical with cancer, this time I’m not, so I’m not going to worry about it until I have to.

Thanks for all your love and prayers!! ❤


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