I Survived!

Just want to thank everyone for their prayers and support, especially over the last few days. I so appreciate everyone reaching out and asking how it went. I wasn’t trying to leave anyone hanging, so to speak, just still feel like I’m “recovering” from yesterday. It was a super long and trying day, as expected. But, good news, I did indeed get the first infusion of the PD1 Antibody whatever called “MK 3475”! And yes, I did see “I Am Legend” and yes, I do have a list of people I’m coming after if I become a zombie πŸ˜‰ It only took a half hour for the infusion, which was awesome, and I felt no different after, which was also awesome. My oncologist stressed how rare it is for side effects with this drug, so I’m really relieved there. I mean, come on, I feel like most chemos are like only side effects based on what you hear.



A little Lancaster County humor, my dad sees the expiration on the chemo bag and goes, “Hey, they musta got it at Sharp Shopper!” Haha, nothing against Sharp Shopper, trust me, it’s our favorite place to shop.

So after the infusion, I had to run down for the PET scan. The PET scan always freaks me out. Why wouldn’t it? They are injecting me with radioactive material! Yikes. But after the injection, in the hour or so waiting period, I got to have such a nice chat with the sweetest tech ever. Seriously, she was so kind and just was such a sweet listening ear. I much prefer human interaction to sitting alone in a waiting area and she didn’t have to talk to me for as long as she did, but she did and I appreciated her.

I haven’t heard anything about the PET scan yet. I actually started bawling last night after we got back because I’m not sure I want to know. No good news has come from any of my scans at this point, so why would I really want to know what this one says? Maybe that sounds defeated or depressed, and maybe it is, but it’s truly how I feel right now. What good comes from knowing? But I will definitely update everyone when we hear anything.

The GREAT news is I am officially done with the steroids!! I really feel like they are messing with my body more than anything else at this point (and I gained 10 pounds in a week! ONE WEEK! I know, I know, it’s water weight and I shouldn’t worry about it, but hey, I’m still a girl!!) My oncologist thinks that I should soon be able to sleep again once they are out of my system. I look forward to that greatly as I think my sleeplessness is making everything a little harder to deal with. My brain is so foggy and I feel like it’s so easily overstimulated and I just can’t filter out distractions and things the way I could even a few weeks ago. It’s gotta be lack of sleep! I say all this as night is falling and I’m dreading another sleepless night. Oh well, what can ya do? At least today we had some fun today and I got to spend quality time with the kiddos!

Here’s Brit enjoying Daddy’s Father’s Day gift!! ❀


8 thoughts on “I Survived!

  1. Your dad is a riot, that was LOL ! Sharp Shopper is too high class for us, we go to BB’s. 10 pounds, how will you ever fit into your summer swimsuit πŸ˜‰ thank goodness the bridesmaid gown still fit eh ? So sorry to hear the sleeplessness situation, hey a lot of us are up sometimes at 3, 4 am if you see us live on Facebook start chatting, we can bore you into sleep maybe. You are deeply loved and greatly admired young lady.

    1. Of course my dad’s hilarious, where do you think I get it from?? Haha, I’m hoping I won’t have to make anyone bore me to sleep, hoping it will go away, but if not I’ll keep that in mind lol

  2. I have been following your blog when Terri shares it on Facebook. You bought your house from us so it’s been very hard to know you are going through this! When we bought the house as our first home it was comforting to know it was your first home as well. We have so many great memories there as 2 out of our 3 kids were born while we lived there. I’m sure you have had great times starting your family in the house as well. We are truly upset you have to deal with cancer and are in our thoughts regularly! Jessica and Todd Bitner

    1. Hey Jessica, thanks so much! We love this house so much and I love that we kinda know the people who lived here before us, and that they loved it too πŸ™‚ It probably doesn’t look all that different from when you lived here! An interior decorator I am not lol. I know you guys are still friends with Jim and Becky, feel free to stop over and say hi if you’re around! And thanks for your kind words, we are getting through a day at a time!

  3. Kim, thanks for all your positive energy. It’s refreshing and inspiring for me as I go through my own chemo regimen.

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