Game Changer

The results are in and here is where I really am at a loss for words. Since I still have not processed this news fully, I’ll just give it to you how I got it. My oncologist called this afternoon and told me that my body is showing a complete metabolic response to the chemo drug. As in, nothing lit up on the PET scan, not even the tumors that I had before.

He was kinda speechless. I was speechless. It was not a lengthy call lol. I told him that I didn’t at all expect to hear that and he told me that he did not honestly expect it either. Melanoma, at stage 4, is typically a death sentence. We are grateful for every day that we get because you just don’t know when things will go downhill. My mind still can’t quite figure this miracle out. Why? Why, God? I’m not questioning Him because I’m not happy (trust me, I’m thrilled!!) but I just don’t understand.

So, being who I am, I asked my oncologist then how long should we expect this to last. He said that essentially they don’t know, but that people who are lucky enough for this to happen, typically remain in this state for whatever reason for months, and sometimes even years. YEARS! I have not heard that word since being bumped to stage 4. I’m in shock and disbelief. This cancer is still most likely going to be what takes me, but it’s not taking me yet.

I just can’t stop crying. I’m seeing a chance. A chance to see my babies grow up. A chance that they’ll remember me. A chance to speak longer and louder about Jesus and the MIRACLES that He performs. A chance that some people don’t get. I have such mixed emotions but until I can sort out all that mess, I am just so grateful.

A chance to be with these goofballs for a little bit longer!! ❀








53 thoughts on “Game Changer

  1. Kim my heart is full for the joy you are feeling today! I’m crying tears of JOY as I thank Jesus for his touch of healing in your body. PRAISE THE LORD!!😘

  2. I only know of you due to both of our husbands plsying softball, and have been following your story and praying for you! This update had me in such happy tears!! THANK YOU JESUS!!

  3. Kim, I read this on Facebook about a half hour ago and I honestly can’t stop smiling! This is such fantastic news! God bless you and your family! Tonight there is definitely a reason for you all to celebrate!!! Much love to you all!

  4. Kim,
    I don’t even know you but I’ve been following your blogs on fb, and I just want to tell you how happy I am for you!!! In a world of such sadness around us this is such an awesome change and wonderful news.I’m sending praises up to our God who is still in the miracle business!! God Bless You!!

  5. Praise God!! Thank you Father God for healing! Thank you Father God for hope! We will continue to pray for complete healing!

  6. Wow how awesome. Why is it we are always shocked when God preformed a miracle. He’s not done with you yet. Holy Father we give you all the praise and glory and honor. GOD bless you Kim

  7. Kim, so amazing. As I saw your blog on my email my heart started beating fast just expecting bad news, how amazing is our God! So happy, awestruck, thankful and praising God for his touch on your life and your beautiful family.

  8. I actually was anticpating this happening at some time, my thought was the reason God dropped stage 4 on you was so you could immediately get the PD 1 trial, i remember the article about lehigh valley patients that had the combo drugs of Ippy and PD1 and how that was the best results seen, so I feel God placed you at stage 4 to open up the PD1 oppurtunity,……I understand this news is very hard to wrap your head around but if anyone is deserving of a miracle it would be you IMO…….praise God from whom all blessings flow….I look forward to your continued ministry to us growing even stronger

  9. So incredibly happy for you!!! This is wonderful news and I was filled with joy as I read this post. I know you don’t know me but I grew up with Mel. But yeah God has been there the whole time. I love the fact that you are speaking about this and using this testimony to influence others. God really does use the crappy stuff for good! I’ll still be praying for your fam and you πŸ™‚

  10. Praise The Lord!! Our God is amazing!! He answers the prayers of His people because He loves us! And we give Him all the GLORY!!! Scott and I are super duper excited for your MIRACLE!! God is not finished with you Kim!!

  11. Oh Kim, I’m praising God with you! And thanking Him & you…I really needed to hear your awesome news tonight. Goin thru a rough time now is an understatement…my heart is broken, I feel broken, hurt & in pain in every way. Just took a small (bc painful)walk around my block in tears, just me walking cautiously each painful step w my pup, talkin with the Lord, asking for help…comfort. I know He is always with me, God our Healer of everything…your post just helped remind me that Our God us BIG, POWERFUL, & will always love & care for me, even when it seems & feels hopeless & hurtful. Thank you for reminding me of that with your AWESOME post of ur results! Thank you Lord, please continue to heal Kim in miraculous ways! I have a bone scan tomorrow ar 10:30am if u cld pray for me.

  12. Shayla gave us the news tonight at the soccer game and I couldn’t wait to get home and read you blog. WOW Our God is still in the miracle working business.

  13. I had the honor to dance for you at the flashmob. I didn’t get to meet you, but I just want you to know that you have really impacted my life. You are so strong, and courageous and you deserve to live the longest, happiest life that God allows! I am so thrilled to hear this new!

  14. Kim, My heart is overflowing with gladness and praise for the miracle God has done in your body!! I want to sing and dance for JOY!! We serve an awesome and mighty God, who loves us and HEARS our prayers! I will continue to pray for you and your beautiful family. I have been asking God to heal you so you could raise your children (because children need their mommies!) and see them grow (I’m sure I’m not the only one praying that way ). Praise God, Jehovah Jireh, the God who HEALS!! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that I am elated and praising GOD!

  15. Oops, my mistake. Jehovah Ropheis the God who heals, Jehovah Jireh is the God who provides. Either way He is both! πŸ™‚

  16. Kim, I’m crying as i type this what I indescribable answer to prayer. Every day is a blessing from God and he’s said Kim I’m just not done with you yet. No matter what man does God is truly in control. PRAISE the GREAT PHYSCIAN!!!!

  17. I have been following your blog and journey, Ted and Joan are in my Wed night bible study. I am in tears of joy for this blessing! We are all ready for God to heal you because you are obedient and are doing what God calls you for. And now this revelation, whether temporary or permanent, is a direct blessing and reward to your stewardship! We can all learn from each other’s journey and you are an inspiration to all! Thank you for including us in your blog!

  18. Ok this is some of the best news I’ve heard in a loooong time. My mom (who works with Michelle at ECC) asked if I read your blog lately and proceeded to tell me this news and then I read it for myself bc I’m not going to lie…I figured she was somehow confused. I am in tears of joy. Celebrating God’s goodness with you. Oh and Evan’s shirt in that last pic is A-mazing. Good stuff.

  19. I have been following your story via updates from Cherise DeShaw and I am in tears right now praising God for this wonderful news!! I am so very happy for you!!! What an amazingly glorious Father we have and yet again He proves how truly AWESOME He can be when we trust Him and give Him everything. This is so great!! I am ecstatic for you and your family. You will continue to be in my prayers but tonight? Tonight it will be all thanks to God!!!!

  20. Kim! I’ve been a Facebook slacker and I heard the news today at NVC. YAY! I’m so excited! I don’t know what else to say but yay! ❀ ❀

  21. We are all so thrilled on this news Kim!! With God, all things are possible!! We love you and sending love to you and your family.. keep in touch xoxoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Tarryn!! God has been so faithful through all of this, not that that should surprise me, but it does make a great testimony πŸ™‚ I want to thank you all again for everything you did for us. Your ministry has touched and inspired so many, including myself. Ok, maybe especially me! Would love to keep in touch! :))

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