Finally Back!

Ahh, it feels good to be back to blogging after having to take quite a break due to illness. Whatever has been going around like wildfire, I definitely caught and it took me a very long time to feel back to “normal”, whatever that is. I learned this week, that with the pd-1 drug (mk-3475, keytruda) causes my immune system to be on hyper alert, so when I got just a touch of some virus, my body overreacted as if I had the full-blown flu. High fever, aches, chills, headache, weakness, and cough. Ah, cough. That’s the one symptom that did me in. Since this drug can affect the lungs in not-so-pleasant ways, when my doctor heard “cough”, he said I needed to be seen. At Penn.

A trip to Philly and a liter of fluids later, we were able to leave and relax that it’s just a touch of some virus.

Been feeling pretty good recently, just a massive headache that’s lasted a few days. Hoping that that will be gone for good shortly. Otherwise, not too much new here, just now starting to feel decent, and I’ll take it!

Thanks for continuing to pray for us and support us in all sorts of ways. I’m not kidding when I say I don’t know how people can get through something like this without the people like we have in our lives, I know I’m certainly not strong enough for it.

In fact, my beautiful sister-in-law and slightly less beautiful brother-in-law have set up a fundraiser for us that’s so cool. I usually don’t like to advertise this kind of stuff because people have been so great to us that I don’t want to look like we are begging for money or anything, but she had asked me to put it in my blog, so here it is!

They are planning a fundraiser where we tie-dye these sweet shirts:


They designed them themselves, so cool. We are actually going to tie-dye them on November 1st, and if you’d like one we can dye it for you for $20 or you can get a plain one for $15. Melanoma awareness rules!! 🙂

If you’re interested one of these beauties, that will likely be dyed by yours truly, please contact my sister-in-law, Mel, at (717)875-1480 by October 16th (this Thursday) to place an order and make shipping arrangements. You can call or text her.

I hope it doesn’t look like we are begging for money, God is good and has been providing faithfully for our needs. But the shirts are awesome, so there’s that lol.

Hope everyone had a great Monday!


8 thoughts on “Finally Back!

  1. You sound great. You’re an inspiration. Although I’m in miami know I’m with you. T he other day one of my kids at school was complaining about a test… i took a break to tell them about you and your absolute positive outlook in tough situations. There were no more complaints that day:) I think it made the kids really think about what was worth complaining about.

  2. Hi Kim! This is Laura Haupt… my husband Josh and I talked to you at our church ECN. I was telling you my testimony and that it is similar to yours. I’ve read on your earlier posts that you have been trying to think of things to give/share with your kids. I have a great book I’d like to send you (Parenting with Scripture), but I need your address. I’ll give you my cell 717-381-1349 and maybe you can text it to me if you don’t want to make it public… or email it. We are good friends with Kenny and Renee Grube so if you don’t remember me, don’t worry, ask them and they’ll let you know we’re good/safe people to give your address to! Ha-ha!

    A thought on your kids btw is to make a box all about Mommy; not just gifts for them. Things that will help them get to know you, make them laugh during those hard times.

    Although…. I have a 10 year old girl and a 9 and 7 year old boy. At 10, you could give your daughter a gift card to Justice! She’ll love that and appreciate Mom’s style. 🙂 Your son will more than likely take to video games (unfortunately), but they would love a gift card to game stop or iTunes for that iPOD or phone they’ll have one day. Uggh…. I know hard to believe, but they’ll love iTunes.

    As far as your box, include things about you; serious and fun. Things for me would be a box set of Inspector Gadget because that’s the cartoon I grew up loving, I was never the first one nor the middle one in class to hand in a test… I may not have been quick in HS or college, but I never gave up and became a CPA, I tend to procrastinate…. I love to organize and my linen closet is work of art… organizing is relaxing to me …. or even Q-tips.. bit of a personal thing, but my ears get itchy and I couldn’t live without them. Give your kids a box of all the idiosyncrasies that make you YOU!

    Thank you Kim for what you share with all of us!!! You are an inspiration and your kids will for sure know that! I promise to seek your kids out one day to tell them how you, a woman I don’t even really know, has changed my life for the better!

    Love, your sister in Christ,

    1. Thanks so much, Laura! Yes, I remember you guys, I don’t have to verify through Kenny and Renee lol I trust you, I’ll text you then! And seriously, I love your idea! I love that they could look in and get a sense of who I am and see if they are like that at all, very cool!! Thanks so much ❤

  3. My order is called in – left the $$ inside your screen door! If I am in town I will help do the tie dye on the 1st. – Rick

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