A Miracle?

This morning was really…something. As we got situated in our seats at church for first service, I began having severe pain in my left lung. I’ve had some lung pain due to lymph nodes that were inflamed with cancer, but this felt different. One of the biggest, and most deadly, side effects of my chemo is lung issues.

As we began singing, I was forming in my mind a plan since I couldn’t even take in a full breath at that point: we would get through service and hopefully Sunday school, and I would have Eric drop me off at the ER directly after and then take the kids to my in-laws, they all could eat lunch, and maybe Eric would come back if I needed him. Well after the time of singing, our pastor felt led to have anyone who was facing physical struggles to come to the altar to have people come and pray with them. Now I’ll be honest, usually, I hold back at these times because I know I have so many people praying for me that I like to pray for others at these times in church, and so I don’t usually go up for this.

Well, At this point, my hands started getting sweaty and my heart was beating out of my chest, so I knew I needed to get my butt up there (those are the signs, duh!). So I go up and kneel and the amazing people from my church come around and lay hands on me, and there I felt the strong, beautiful, powerful, amazing hand of the Lord on me. I don’t know who all was there and I don’t know what all was said aloud, but I felt God. And when it was over and I hobbled back to my seat, I sat down and took a deep breath.

A deep breath.

My lung felt fine and it hasn’t been an issue again for the rest of the day. There’s no logical explanation, as God rarely allows that there would be, but He met my need today. I’ve had lung pain many times since June when the cancer was found in my lungs, but nothing this bad that interfered with breathing and made me plan my trip to the ER.

He gives me the strength for today. Amen and amen!! I cannot wait to tell my oncologist about this…


5 thoughts on “A Miracle?

  1. In response to your post Longing for What I Can’t Have. You are so wise beyond your years and you’ve grown into an awesome example of what God can make of us here on earth if we give him total control. But remember, and I know you know this, God has ordained all the “seasons” of our lives, he knew before you were born these struggles you’d face and he’s made you for “such a time as this” only Kim Andrews in all her cancer-ness (I make up words too :)) could do what you are now doing and impact the people you are now exposed to, because of your awareness of God and his plan. You are now perfectly you for today. Whatever changes come they were ordained by God and he’ll use whatever level of focus you have that day to speak to you and thru you. you are loved and respected and a shining example of God’s grace here on earth. I not only pray for healing, but for strength and peace as you walk this path towards God.

    1. Oh Kim. This is such an encouragement for everyone. Thank you for sharing your amazing journey of faith with us!!!!!

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