Unrequited Generosity

Ok, I’m not gonna lie here, I’m still not quite sure why I blog. I certainly know that my favorite part is connecting with people from all over the world and just hearing what they think or say, and in some cases getting to pray for them! I, of course, love all of the people who have become prayer warriors on our behalf – you will never know how important that has been to us. I love the idea that I can learn so much from so many people with just a few clicks – the internet is flawed for sure, but that part’s pretty darn cool, in my opinion.

I’ve been thinking about generosity a lot lately and why we do it and what the expectation is, and I just keep getting reminded that we give not because others deserve it necessarily, but because we are told to. And why are we told to? Because it’s good for us! In other words, we can’t give conditionally (I’ll give this or do this for them if they can do this this and this for me) and we can’t give under the assumption that what we give will be used only as we would want, that just doesn’t always work like that.

We need to give because we need the constant reminder that giving keeps us humble, giving keeps our perspective straight on what we really need (which is surprisingly little), and we need to give because it helps people.

I cannot even describe all of the ways that the generosity of others has helped us through this, there just aren’t enough words. But I will say, thank you, for the bottoms of our hearts. God’s been speaking to me in huge ways through 2 Corinthians, but I haven’t been able to quite put my thoughts together on that yet, so this is all we get haha.

Ok, so it’s no secret that I love Christmas.

IMG_0369.JPG I love the festivities, fun, and (blah blah blah it comes from pagan roots – nobody cares) that I get the chance to talk about Jesus all the time with the kids! Not that I didn’t before, but the songs and stories make great ways to make it very real for them. Nothing gives my heart more joy than hearing our four year old pray saying that “God, you are awesome and Jesus I will love you forever”. This melts my heart, but I realize that what the kids need to see more than anything from me and my husband is our faith being acted out in love and kindness for others.

So, long story short, my cousin (yes, Reiff crew, I consider you my cousins too lol) sent us a neat link for “kindness elves” rather than Elf on a Shelf. The general idea is the same, but how I would tailor the idea to my family, is that every day they must find the “Elf” (or whatever stuffed animal I choose because I refuse to spend $30 on an Elf) and with it will be an idea to help others. Yes, one for every day in December. I’m having some difficulty thinking of age appropriate things. This would obviously be more for our 4 year old, although I’m sure our 2 year old will love helping to find the animal every morning!!

So, once again, I’m asking for your input. I realize that I’m pretty much receiving more than I’m giving here at this point in blogging, but you guys have fantastic ideas! You guys have helped craft the perfect Christmas playlist, so if you happen to think of anything for this endeavor, let me know. Or let me know what you do with your kids around the holiday season to remind them what’s really important. I want them to learn to give with absolutely no expectation of receiving, that giving shouldn’t entitle us to anything. This is still sometimes a hard concept for me, so I know it’ll be an interesting experience with kids.

Yes, the kids will get some presents. That’s honestly more for me as if you have kids you know how amazingly fun and down right magical it is to watch kids open presents on Christmas morning, sorry that’s just too much fun to give up! We don’t do Santa, but that’s a personal thing. I just feel like kids trust us so much and believe so much of what we tell them that I don’t want to get them to believe in something like Santa that isn’t true, and then when they find out, they start to question Jesus. That’s just me. We just say Santa’s a fun character like Elsa and the Paw Patrol pups lol.

I hope that everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving, or if you’re in a different country and don’t celebrate, an awesome Thursday. Like, better than any other Thursday ever before! (:


9 thoughts on “Unrequited Generosity

  1. Kim
    I love that you blog and I appreciate your story and passion for Christ. Here are some age appropriate things I thought of that would be fun.
    1) must sing one Christmas or song about Jesus on demand. In other words, it can be you doing it for them or them recording it and sending it to facebook friends or “needy”.
    2) volunteer to ring the salvation army bell?
    3) Sing Christmas Carols at Garden Spot Retirement community
    4) send Christmas card(s) with stickers to hospital workers at area hospital. Do this and send to hospitals to help cheer up children patients who wont be home at Christmas.

    Those are my thoughts. Enjoy my friend and continue with your blog to reach many!!! Happy Thanksgiving and to HIM who we give all the PRAISE and GLORY – may we honor HIM.

  2. You are giving more than you know through this blog! You speak life and truth and that is the most important thing.
    Some ideas for your kiddos:
    – allow them to put money in the Salvation Army buckets when the bells start ringing
    – bake cookies with them and give them to the people who teach them at church
    – encourage them to say Merry Christmas to strangers
    – let them pick out a gift for toys for tots or an angel tree angel and explain that it’s for a child like them who may not receive any other gift at Christmastime.

  3. I love you thoughts on generosity! And I have been reading your blog a few times from Australia. Praying for you too.

    Can I tell a quick story on generosity?

    A few years back I was taking a some classes on missions at my local church. And each and ever week a lady came from her home to provide coffee, tea, and a few snacks for those taking the course, that she was not taking herself. I think it was the second last week of the 12 week course, I was just compelled to thank her with a bunch of flowers. So I went the the local florist and got something beautiful made for her.

    When we rocked up to the course that night, there she was preparing snacks, as she had done in the previous weeks. I gave her the flower basket and thanked her. She burst into tears and told me that today was her birthday, and that she has secretly said to God the she would love some flowers!

    I’m telling this story just because you never know someones situation in life. Isn’t it always better to be generous and by doing so, you just never know what a deep impact it has.

    Blessing on you, Kim.

    1. What an awesome story!! I absolutely love that! God is so amazing (: thank you so much for Sharing it with me. God’s been showing me more and more how I need to step it up in helping others, I love how He can give such specifics nudges!

  4. What about donating hats/mittens/socks for the homeless? Our church has a tree we decorate with those things. Kids can understand being warm! You could give dog food/treats to the dog shelter or food bank. You may even be able to go and pet dogs or cats to help them socialize. Not sure if there is a minimum age. You could get some friends together and go caroling around the neighborhood or nursing home. Sounds like Christmas music is happening in your home!

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