Christmas Giving for Kids

I was given a great idea and some great suggestions for a fun thing to do for the kids this month, in honor of of the “Christmas Spirit”, of course. I had heard about “Kindness Elves”, a fun alternative to the creepy Elf on a Shelf, so my mom gave me these penguins and I used some ideas I had and some awesome suggestions from you guys, to make this Christmas season a time of giving for my kids, and not at all about what they’ll be getting.



Our four year old son told me at 7pm, after he opened the present from the penguins, that he wanted to go to bed right now because he wanted to wake up and find the penguins! Too cute. This could get really fun and, because I’m who I am, really meaningful. I mean, who doesn’t want their kids to realize that giving is ultimately where fulfillment and purpose are? James tells us that “faith without deeds is dead”. That’s a very strong statement, but I believe is true. We are known by our fruit, by how we’ve shown love, and I want my kids to realize as soon as possible that they are not the only people in the world; that they are usable instruments of God; that they, at any age, can make a difference.

I love being a mom. I figure as long as my kids accept Jesus Christ as their savior and are potty trained that there is literally nothing that they cannot face. Maybe these silly penguins will help bring them there ❤



10 thoughts on “Christmas Giving for Kids

  1. Jesus Christ and potty trained in the same sentence, that’s gotta be a first 😉
    Those two “golfballs ” 😉 are blessed beyond measure having you as their mommy, you got Proverbs 22:6 well in hand.

  2. Evan is cool! Let him know his kindness in the picture he did for us brought happiness to us at a time we needed that. I guess when I know you are home, I can deliver 4 “Special” cookies to you, as long as there are no allergies to hazelnuts (in the form of Nutella) and chocolate chips. We do love our shirts – Thanks

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