Not What I Wanted to Hear…

Ok, it’s not that bad, seriously. But since I’m a big, whiny scaredy-cat – I don’t wanna get a port!! But alas, it looks as though I must. I’ve been getting IV infusions every three weeks since February and between that, blood draws, and IVs placed for MRIs and PET scans, my veins are full of scar tissue. I met with my oncologist earlier (all good things, all good things) and I mentioned to him how hard it’s been for them to get blood and put in IV’s lately and I ask, “Am I supposed to tell you that?” and he just kinda makes a face and says, “Yeah, you are supposed to tell me that.” Haha, sometimes I wonder what he must think of me! So then he recommended the dreaded port and said I could wait til right after Christmas to get it, so that’s what we will do.

I know, I know, they’re not that bad. But, since that doesn’t fit my narrative of being terrified of it, I will choose to ignore that fact 😉

IMG_0387.JPGI don’t like it.

I also have to go see an endocrinologist as something seems to be killing my thyroid. Is it from the chemo? Maybe. The radiation? Possibly. All of the contrasts and junk pumped into me during scans? Could be. Oh, the joys! But, if they can fix my thyroid levels, I could conceivably shake this permanent tiredness, brain fog, and weight gain. That would be the bomb, for real though. It’s actually a really neat thought that at this point all of my symptoms could be from the treatments and none actually from the cancer itself.

After the chemo (that I’m getting as I type this), I will head downstairs for an MRI of my brain. Yikes. I hate MRIs and I hate what the conceivable bad news could mean, but I feel optimistic. We know I have a brain tumor, just gotta see what that little bugger is up to. Will let you know what I hear!


18 thoughts on “Not What I Wanted to Hear…

    1. Haha I didnt! Phew. But I layed there the whole time thinking, “I need to cough!” and “my eye itches” and “I think there’s a bug in my hair” lol it really bothers me not being allowed to move, drives me nuts!! But, luckily, I didn’t fart…

  1. Hi, I work with your Aunt Terri Andrew and I’ve been praying for you all along…
    But I wanted to tell you that I think you are an awesome Mommy and wife and just a very cool, brave person!! 💗all my best to you!!!

  2. Oh Kim, ports are not that bad, they make it so easy to do the infusions. Adele had 2 ports back in 2009 for the stem cell transplant. You will need a big roll of Press n Seal (which I just so happen to have in the basement, on sale at Costco in a 2 pack and of course I bit! Adele can tell you all the ways to use it to keep your port safe and waterproof during showers. It was almost comical making sure we had it on right with the 2 ports, one port is easy! Oh and the thyroid levels, you and her are both new to the thyroid meds to get the levels right. Her’s were probably due to the immense stress we have had this fall. Of course, I cook when stressed, thank you. Cookies will be there tomorrow, I’ll try to wait until I see someone’s car there.

    1. We will never turn down cookies haha! If my mom’s blue SUV is out front it means we are home. Sorry to hear you guys are having a lot of stress right now, I added you to my prayer list and will be praying for you! I know a port is such a silly thing to worry about in the long run, I actually know very little about them, why do I and seal wrap??

  3. I got a port placement in October before my first chemo treatment and it is the BEST thing. I have small veins, so I’m told, and any IV or blood draw would take at least two tries. The port is guarenteed first time. It wonderful! I’m considering leaving it…you know, just in case I ever need to get my blood drawn. 🙂

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