Love, Joy, Sadness, & Gratitude

Not sure that I can even explain my feelings right now. It’s been a really amazing Christmas so far and I am just so grateful to still be here. It’s so unbelievably magical to celebrate this Christmas with my babies, my hunky hubby, and our families!

There’s a part of me that feels a twinge of sadness though with every giggle, every time we sing a song from Frozen, every reaction to a present, every sweet kiss and happy cuddle and silly comment because I can’t help but wonder if I’ll be here for it next year. I feel like I am on the verge of bursting into tears at any given moment at the overwhelming mix of joy and sadness and my motivation for doing most of the things I do now is the hope of my kids making memories that include me.

But for the most part, I just feel love and joy, and gratitude to God for the blessings that He has continued to give us. He has consistently and without fail provided for us in every possible way, and it melts my heart that my kids are beginning to put that all together. Thanks to everyone who’s been praying and has been so generous to us this Christmas season, it’s been surreal to have so much support and love.

I wasn’t supposed to be here for this. Take that, cancer! You lost this round…






Merry Christmas!! ❤


11 thoughts on “Love, Joy, Sadness, & Gratitude

  1. Merry Christmas from the Stauffers, we are so glad you are having such a blessed day. May your New Year be as happy and blessed.

  2. I have loved getting to know u thru the blog and now church. U r a true inspiration to so many people I know God is using all of this for he greater good. Prayers are always coming ur way for u and beautiful family.

  3. Kim, we think of you and your family every day! Even tho the book Rick brought to your door is based on an advent theme, the entire book is perfect for becoming aware of how God prepares this world for Jesus. The Old Testament links to our Savior take my breath away! Enjoy. Your honest in your posts impacts your readers. You remind all of us that each moment we are alive is to be savored. Sending love your way…..Adele (I am more or less house bound right now because of the emergency involving my brain and two subdural hemaso I amtomas. What a day that was…………….. !)

  4. Ha! Bought a Scalextric exactly like this for my kids when they were about the same age. Even had the same hand controls.
    Occasionally I would let them play with it. 😉

      1. It’s the slot-racing car toy. The brand name is Scalextric.
        Well, this is what its called in the UK where I grew up.
        I had a huge Scalextric as a kid, made up of four or five sets my brother and I bought secondhand. It went around the bedroom a couple of times. Great fun!

        How you feeling, btw? Looking forward to New Year?
        The fireworks are already going off down here in Johannesburg ( it’s 7:15 pm) . Drives me nuts and the pets can’t stand it.

      2. I agree completely! I’m not a New Years person either! We live in the country and people shoot guns off and scares my pup, who then keeps me up, not cool!! Sleep rules haha. I’m feeling well, thanks for asking, I see my oncologist Tuesday, looking forward to some answers.
        Happy 2015, Ark!

      3. I shall stick pins in a doll or burn leaves or howl at the moon for you or whatever it is us heathens are supposed to do to ward off evil spirits.
        I must read up. Don’t want to let the side down. 😉

        Irrespective of the protocol you will be in my thoughts on Tuesday.
        Fingers crossed.

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