Rounding Out the Year the Way It Began…



Today I go and get an ultrasound of my bladder to see if there’s anything in there that we can pin my current problems to. Not sure what I’m hoping for honestly, it’s always nice to hear there’s nothing, right? But at the same time, it’d be nice if we could settle on some sort of explanation; the hardest times for me are when things are up in the air.

I’m sure I won’t have any results any time soon, just like it took this long to get my skin biopsy results (basal cell carcinoma, by the way, nothing to worry about for me at this point), but I’ll certainly let you know when I hear.

I guess since it’s New Year’s Eve, I should mention something about the year behind or the year ahead or something like that, but since I’m exhausted from hosting a (ridiculously fun) sleepover for the HS girls from church last night, I’m not feeling particularly profound.

Buck feels me!

So I’ll just say this: 2014 wasn’t exactly my best year as far as the physical things, in fact in that regard the whole year was downright awful, horrible, painful, and just all-around bad.  I started at stage 3 and mid-way through got pushed to stage 4, I can’t imagine that would top anyone’s “best year ever” qualifications.

But these challenges have brought out something in me that I didn’t know was there.  My faith was tested, and it has stood firm. Not only that, but I can see how God has opened my heart to things and people and situations that I would have been completely unaware of before. I have seen God provide a way when there wasn’t one, I have been on the receiving end of healing that is inexplicable by medical standards, and I have made it through and been molded into something more pleasing and usable to God. And since that’s my only goal, I’d say it’s been a successful year. Good? Not so much. Successful? Absolutely. I’m still here, so there’s that!

(I know I haven’t been posting too much, and though I’m not quite narcissistic enough to think anyone was too upset about that, I figure I should at least explain. I’m spoiled now by writing on my iPad, but my WordPress app isn’t working on it right now for whatever reason, so while I’ve written out lots of things -inspired by Romans and 1 & 2 Corinthians mostly- I can’t quite publish them at the moment.)

Wishing you all a Happy and Healthy New Year!


7 thoughts on “Rounding Out the Year the Way It Began…

  1. Kim

    Well…I find your posts very uplifting and inspiring. I keep you on my list of real people to pray for. I also pray that in similar circumstances I would stay so strong. Bless you so much…and I hope you will hear what you want.

  2. Thanks again, Kim, for sharing your journey with us. Whether you’re feeling up or down, your sincere desire to serve God comes through. I find myself identifying with many of your trials, doubts, frustrations, hopes, and prayers. I’m grateful to you for putting them into words, because often they’re so jumbled up in my brain and heart that it’s hard to sort out how I feel, let alone articulate it.
    May you have a wonderful year ahead, filled with gratitude and love.

  3. It’s always a joy to read your blogs and see what God is teaching you and how He is molding you into His beautiful creation. I love and appreciate your sincerity and pray God will truly bless you and your family through out this new year.

  4. Kim you have touch so many lives and I’m glad you tell others what you are feeling and going through. So many non Christian have gotten to know God through your faith in God you keep it real.
    I’ve join a Chronic Illness site, and most the people are asking for prayer and praying, when I first join the site they said they had very little Christian activity. I proclaimed God and started praying for the girls now everybody’s praying for everyone and they found there are a lot of Christian in the group. You just have to share God with others as God did John 3:16 For God so love the word he gave his only begotten son, that who so ever believeth in him shall have every lasting life. We are ambassador for Christ. A friend always Barb
    Love you Kim January 1, 2015 Ken and I will be Married 40 years, I’ve been in pain for 27 years. 10 of those years they told me I was crazy and did nothing I now live in pain all the time. I had 3 back surgery, cancer, myofacial pain through my whole body, hyperthyroidism. Plus some thing I didn’t mention and a wonderful husband who took care of me through it all.I have to do therapy on my back next degenerative disc disease and arthritis and scar tissue wrapping around my nerves causing back spasms. I’m with you. I look to God he put us here for a reason and we are doing his bidding. Love you Kim keep doing what your doing for God

  5. Kim, with loving wishes for a lovely new year for all of you in the fullest sense! It was great to be here, hearing how you’re doing and reading the comments of others who suffer. We do learn from pain – though it is awful, and the Lord helps us to help others and gives us His love. May He be forever praised! May He help you hugely!

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