Coincidence? I Think Not…

(Let me preface this by saying that we have been on the receiving end of some amazing generosity recently. I don’t typically broadcast this for a few reasons; for one, I know that people aren’t doing it to be recognized or patted on the back, they’re acting out of love and compassion. And two, I don’t want other people to think that they should be doing something or aren’t doing enough or whatever. That’s just not the case and so I try not to put that on anyone’s mind. And I guess if I’m being honest, it’s also quite hard to admit that we’ve needed the help.)

Ok so today I go in to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. After waiting in line for a good long time, I finally get to the front. I rattle off my name and birthday and wait impatiently to pay my $100 or so (varies based on whether the generic is available or not) that I’m used to paying monthly for my seizure meds. Well, the tech starts to look really uncomfortable. He asks, “Has there been a change in your insurance lately?” This isn’t uncommon for them to ask since we don’t have prescription coverage with our insurance because we are idiots. (Well, not idiots, we just bought our plan when we were younger and healthy and could have never forseen things like cancer coming up, so prescriptions and their hefty price tags are just a new norm around here). Anyway, I’m used to these questions so I kinda blow him off, “No, no, we pay out of pocket for prescriptions, it’s ok, how much is it?”


I did not see that coming. So I began fumbling around in my purse because at that point I was not even sure I had that much available on my credit card, so I just kind of pretended I forgot it and said I’d be back and rushed off.

Then, I remembered something. Around Christmas, a family stopped by and said that they had felt led by God to bless us with a $400 gift card to Walmart. It was astoundingly generous and we certainly didn’t want to misuse any money or gift that people are so selflessly giving us. So Eric and I kind of discussed all of our needs and decided to wait and see where we should put that. Bingo!

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that this is a great example of God using His people to do His work here on earth by helping take care of each other. This is a medication I need, as in could not live without, and I would be out of it tomorrow without this refill. But unbeknownst to me, when I had asked for my oncologist to approve more refills, he had them fill it in three months worth. Yay that he think I’ll be here for at least three months, but still…

I don’t say this to make people feel bad for us financially or to seem like I’m asking for money, that is not the point of this, and I almost didn’t share it because I don’t want this to be misconstrued.

I share this to show how God really does take care of everything we need.

This is not the first time that someone has given us just the right amount, or has called at just the right time, or has said just the thing I needed to hear in moment. I’ve felt a little lost recently as to what my purpose really is in all this, and I just kept feeling God urging me, “Use it. Use it.” So that’s what I intend to do.

I’d be a fool not to trust Him at this point and what happened today just cemented the fact for me that I don’t have to worry, God is in this, and He is without a doubt supplying everything we need. Not what we think we need, not what we want, not what we feel like we should have or deserve, what we need.


Here’s a song to celebrate this. One of my all time favs!! Plus the kids love watching the dancing in the video (:
Israel Houghton – Just Wanna Say

I just wanna say, I’m not afraid
I know that You are with me always
I give You praise for everyday
I know You’ll never leave me



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