Oncology Fun!

Thanks to everyone who’s been asking how everything went yesterday, I really appreciate it! Things seem to be heading towards answers, well kind of. I saw my oncologist and based on all of the symptoms I’ve been having, (brain issues, headaches, vision changes, pressure in my head, loss of feeling in my feet, and a bladder that won’t fully empty) they are starting to think that the chemo itself may be “attacking”, for lack of a better term, parts of my nervous system.

This isn’t quite as alarming as it sounds, it just means I would need to be put on a low dose of steroids for as long as I’m getting the chemo, so quite possibly the rest of my life. The only way to know for sure if this is what’s causing all of my issues is by ruling out a few other things, such as spinal fluid issues or changes in my brain tumor. I’ll see a neurologist quite soon and have an MRI and MRA because there was an area of “interest” on my last MRI that may be another aneurysm or changes in my tumor. They also may need to do a spinal tap to check my spinal fluid for…whatever spinal taps check for.

I’m just taking it a step at a time, an appointment at a time. The good news was that neither my oncologist nor his fellow (resident?) thought that my symptoms were due to my brain tumor growing or changing, so that’s quite a relief! As odd as it sounds, I’d rather just keep that little turd in there and it be inactive than have to go in after it and all the junk that that entails.

I’ll also see an endocrinologist about my thyroid next week and hopefully get my MRA and MRI studies done then too.

Oh, and I’ve caught another cold.

Haha, what a life this is! It is certainly never boring, that’s for sure. For me, it’s so much easier when we have answers, even when the answers are hard. It’s particularly difficult for me when there are so many question marks and so many things up in the air. But I was told in the beginning of this by a very wise man that things like this either make you bitter or make you better. I’m choosing to go with better. With God’s help, this can be a time of spiritual growth, it doens’t just have to be a foggy mess of questions. No matter where I’m at in the physical part of this journey, I’m continuing each day to let God guide my steps, even when I cannot see at all in front of me.

Here’s my other source of comfort, my family. Here I’m getting some post-chemo cuddles from my boy ❤



15 thoughts on “Oncology Fun!

  1. Kim, so thankful for you! You remind me to roll with the punches and let it go (to God of course). Love ya chica!!! ps. I love my snuggles/cuddles too, that’s why I have nicknamed my two snug-a-bug and hug-a-bug, still trying to come up with one for Rick. haha!

    1. Haha, aww! I was tryin to think of one for Rick, but I got nothing at 3:30am lol. Yeah he’s my snuggler, with Brit it’s so rare, like when she actually wants to snuggle I’m like “don’t move a muscle, don’t get up, don’t talk” because she changes her mind so fast lol. Love you girl, sorry we didn’t get to see you guys more, all this sickness is so lame, I heard you have it now! Blah….

    2. Maybe I should specify, Evan is my cuddler, not Rick! Soooo not cuddling with your husband hahaha (nothing personal, Rick). When I read it back I was like, “I need to sleep more….” lol

  2. You are noticably growing “better ” thru your journey , thanks for the update. I thought spinal tap was a rock group movie 😉 No mention of your relaxing drive thru the snow with your new chauffer , you girls pulled it off. Hoping you got a flu shot so all we have to worry about is colds…

    1. Hahaha, Rick, I almost made a joke about the movie when Dr. A brought it up, but he sometimes doesn’t get my jokes, then it’s just awkward so I didn’t haha, I LOVE those Christopher Guest movies though (A Mighty Wind is the best one, in my opinion…) And yes, me and my “chauffeur” had a lot of fun, despite the circumstances (:

    1. Thanks so much Jill, and thank you SO much for the sweatshirt! Sorry it took me so long to put two and two together, like duh, I know you on here too! I am a little slow sometimes. I seriously love it, I was asked the other day when I wore it if that was a band haha, apparently it sounds like a band name, which is also a cool way to open the door to conversation with people. Thanks again so much for thinking of me (:

  3. Kim, you are in my thoughts and prayers always. I love your sweet spirit. You are truly a gift that God continues to use. Love you. Penny

  4. Kim, your bright outlook in the midst of all this is a shining beacon to all that read your posts. All of us will pray you through this. Big hugs to you! Adele

  5. Hi Kim,
    The title of your blog reminds me of the time we took our kids on a hike in the Sierra Mountains. My husband Tony looked back at our 6 year old and asked, “Isn’t this fun!” To which our son replied, “Fun? You call this FUN?”
    Sending more love and prayers your way. So glad you are experiencing God’s mercy in your life. These bodies are meant to be temporary, but our relationship with Him is eternal.

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