If I Was A Rich Girl…

As some of you know, Eric and I were given an astoundingly generous gift of a weekend away at a super swanky resort in Maryland. The place was beautiful, the food was soooo good, and we had an awesome time together reconnecting, relaxing, and generally just enjoying each other’s company. We came home so refreshed!

On our way!
Bi-level suite life
Room with a view!
High tea (:
Gussied up for dinner
My love ❤

We were soooo out of our league. We generally kept to ourselves (which was fine with us!) because it seemed like everyone else had some topics of conversation that we knew nothing about. We overheard (maybe  “eavesdropped” is a better word haha) discussions on investments, what the type of boat you own says about you, a 40,000 square foot house someone just bought (seriously), and we heard lots of complaining from people who felt their service should be better or that things weren’t prepared in a manner that was pleasing to them, and we even learned some new definitions:
Pescatarian- a vegetarian who eats fish
Pouisson- chicken
Panna cotta- a very gross gelatin dessert. Looks pretty, tastes like lumpy, mushy baby food

All this to say, we learned a lot about material wealth this weekend. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun to pretend we had it for a little, but it was easy to see how one could get caught up in it, strive for more of it, obsess over it.  Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t think money is necessarily bad, and this gift was given to us with a pure and generous heart, but just like with everything else as a Christ-follower, you have to inspect your heart’s motives.

Isn’t it easy to figure that if we made just this much more, we would be fine? That problems would be solved and all would be right in the world. Maybe I’m misreading the headlines of People mag in the line at the grocery store, but I think P. Diddy and Mase were onto something with Mo Money, Mo Problems (don’t even act like that wasn’t your late 90’s jam….)

So Jesus talks a LOT about money. Was He obsessed with money? Nope. But He sure knew we would be.  It’s so easy fall into the trap of putting so much value onto it that it controls us, constructs our motives and desires, and kills us spiritually. Of course I’m not saying that all the people there are all wrong and are spiritually dead, I’m just saying, hey, maybe there’s a reason Jesus speaks so much about money.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

Jesus isn’t talking about physical, material wealth. He wants us to treasure God, our relationship with Him, and He wants us to treasure each other.  We are to seek out lost and hurting people with the exact same zeal that we would seek an abundance of physical treasure. How do I know this?

Because He compares the kingdom of heaven to earthly treasures. Check out Matthew:


I think that’s so cool. Once we find Him, He is supposed to be all we desire, we should be able to give up anything in order to follow. We should be obsessing over being useful vessels, striving to be salt and light, and yearning for Him to guide our paths. And to get us to understand it, He compares it to the pearl of all pearls!

Eric and I had an awesome time this weekend. We said on more than one occasion that we could get used to living the high life. But ultimately, we were just so grateful to have some time to hang out together, relax, and reconnect.  My thoughts here are a little random, but they’re there nonetheless. I’ve never been around such wealth and affluence so it sparked a few thoughts.  Not trying to offend anyone, but hoping it might spark a thought or two in each of us about what we treasure and where our hearts are.

Maybe the more sure we are of our money and where it’s coming from, the less sure we are that God could come through and provide. Maybe we can do it on our own, but at what cost?



15 thoughts on “If I Was A Rich Girl…

  1. Kim I’m so happy you and Eric were able to go away and have some two of you time. It is funny but this very thing came to my mind last week and wondered if you ever have the time/opportunity for the two of you to reconnect. I’m thankful this happened and I pray it will happen again. By the way you looked beautiful gussied up! Eric wasn’t too bad either!!

    1. Haha! I like that! Let’s go with that. Hey, I heard I missed the donuts!! Did you purposely do that the week I wouldnt be there because I’m not supposed to eat sugar?? Lol, I know the girls appreciated that (:

  2. It is a universal truth, it seems, that the first thing Prophets of Olde eschew
    is not money or wealth but soap and water.

    The white robed blue-eyed image of the character JC is a Disney Type fiction, count on it!
    The adage, Cleanliness is next to wossisname was likely penned many a century after JC and his mob.
    Perhaps when Europe was being decimated by the plague?

    It baffles most non-believers why there is no passage in the bible admonishing all those grubby heathens and JC followers alike to:
    ”Wash behind your ears, dammit!”

    or even to always wash ones hand before eating and especially after visiting the loo ( bathroom)

    Looks like you had a great time – Good.

    1. Considering the crowd Jesus picked to hang out with, I’m not surprised that He didn’t push cleanliness, that was probably quite a luxury in those days. And I don’t think I’ve met a Christ follower yet who actually thinks the cleanliness quote is actually in the Bible or that Jesus would have been a fair skinned caucasian with long straight flowing locks and blue eyes. Haha maybe I’m missing the point here though. It’s possible. My brain poops out on me sometimes! Maybe Jesus figured washing your hands after going to the bathroom was more of a common sense thing…

  3. I agree with Rick. I relate to the feeling of discomfort and disconnect when we travel to a time share location that is all about “having it all”. It is hard for me to focus on my husband, and family if they are with us, or just relaxing. I keep thinking about those who are serving and the needs of the community around the place. Steals my joy sometimes. However, the Lord helps me get this in perspective when I am able to focus like you did. Thanks for directing me and your readers to the Truth about who owns it all and where our focus needs to be. I had a wise counselor tell me that she is blessed to enjoy what the world provides when it is the Lord who provides the opportunity, remembering the HE owns it all. We can be witnesses and pray for people unawares in such settings. Thanks again, Kim. You are preaching the gospel!

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