A Letter to my Children

I wrote this just a few days after being pushed to stage 4 this past June. It hurts my heart to read it now, but every word is as true today as it was then. Trying to learn how to reblog, I’ve never tried to but I figured this was one I’d like to remember. What a journey this is…

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There’s a point in all this where one must come to an acceptance of all possible outcomes. I still believe that God can heal me, while knowing that He may choose not to. It’s frustrating mostly because I just am searching for the plan in it, and at this point I’m failing miserably. But in a situation like this, although my body feels so limited from the effects of this tumor, my mind is racing constantly. I can’t seem to settle on a resting place: either God will heal me and I will be fine or…the typical outcome for stage 4 melanoma. It’s torture at this point to be mentally hopping back and forth between feeling at peace and then feeling just really, really sad.

So I decided to write an open letter to my children, just in case the unthinkable happens before I have time to do all the…

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One thought on “A Letter to my Children

  1. Hi Kim. I just read your article/blog in Life Beautiful. I too was diagnosed with cancer in fall of 2013. I have multiple myeloma. My kids are 13 and 11. Like you, we have seen the Lord be very gracious. I appreciate you sharing your story. To God be the glory! One thing I have learned; everyone has their thing…cancer is our thing. I want to live fully, not in fear. God is good all the time. He knows the biggest picture. We can trust Him and cherish the moments here now.

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