I’m Published!

Well, kinda!  Quite honestly I don’t even consider myself a writer, per se, but a few months ago an editor from the magazine Life:Beautiful contacted me about possibly using my blogs in some fashion in their magazine.  I said absolutely and didn’t really have to do much more than that.  He had the…um…special job of weeding through all of my blogs and putting something coherent together.  Can you imagine?  That’s a lot to sift through! But, he did, And I think they did a great job!


If you’re my Facebook friend you already know all this because I was a teensy weensy bit excited about it when they came out with the issue.  Seriously, no biggie, right? 😉

I actually say all of this because not only am I excited to be featured in a magazine, but I am just so impressed with this magazine in general.  I hadn’t heard of it before this because it’s not sold a lot (yet) in my area, but its kind of like a Christian women’s Better Homes & Gardens type of thing. And it’s awesome!  Reading the whole magazine was a fun and uplifting experience and I’m just kind of sad now that it’s only quarterly and not monthly lol! 

Awesome magazine.  And trust me, I know magazines.  I’ve read every Vogue and Golf Digest that Penn has to offer, and this is a magazine that’s worth the money!  I’m actually going to subscribe, and that says a lot.  Their tagline is “faith for your journey” And I think it’s perfect.  No matter where a woman may find herself in her journey, this magazine will speak to you on some level.  (And no, I’m not getting paid to endorse them, I was just really impressed!).

Health wise, I’m doing great now! Was sick most of last week, My oncologist thinks a virus because it left a pretty wild rash all over once I was starting to feel better.  I saw him Tuesday, got chemo, and the day was without incident.  Which, at this point, is a very good thing!


22 thoughts on “I’m Published!

  1. Hmmm, now you will have to find another blog title to use once you start on that book a lot of us encourage you to do, you also will be getting an article shortly that describes a Lancaster Christian Writers conference/workshops coming April 11 at Lancaster bible college that i really encourage you to prayerfully consider signing up for.

  2. That’s my favorite magazine!!! Yay for you!. I am so excited to read what you wrote. You are a fabulous writer! I have been praying for you since late fall, and will continue to! Blessings and excitement! Bonni Greiner

  3. I love that magazine also. It’s how I “met” you! I’ve subscribed and give several to friends. So glad to hear you’re doing well. You’re in my prayers. Blessings!

  4. I just read your piece in life:beautiful…and came here to look up your blog! Congratulations on being published. You are such an inspiration in all ways!

  5. WOW ! So happy you have the opportunity to share your beautiful writing style and your unwavering belief and trust in God with others. I now there are so many more people out there who will be inspired by you and the gift God has given.

  6. I am here from life:beautiful. However The Lord chooses to heal you, I pray he will greatly bless you and your family.

  7. Congrats, that’s awesome! Life:Beautiful IS a beautiful magazine, I have bought gift subscriptions for others, and you are reminding me that I should subscribe once again for myself!!

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