No He didn’t…

I got to thinking today when I was (wasting my time) on facebook and I came across a picture that seemed harmless enough.  It was a picture representing what Easter meant to someone and one of my friends had posted it.  Cool.  I clicked on the picture and found there were like 15,000 comments on the original post.  I got lured into reading some and was just amazed at the fighting, the rudeness, the condemnation, the confrontation, and the ugliness.  From believers!  And it turned my stomach.  Partially because I have many, many times been the person making those comments.  But today, instead of fighting back, it just made me think about what Jesus would have to say about it. 

When Jesus gave commands, He was speaking to His followers and fellow believers, as they were the ones He was discipling to be a light to others who hadn’t heard yet.  His commands are rough, like they are difficult, but they are certainly clear.  

Here are some things Jesus never said:

-If somebody is unloving or unlovable, don’t waste your time loving them.

– I can’t accept you if you’ve done anything, like, really bad.  You know, like bad bad

– Sin?  No biggie.

– If someone has done something to you that you deem unforgiveable, based on your endless knowledge and wisdom, you totally don’t have to forgive them.  Oh, and you should probably ostricize them.

– If someone is preaching something that sounds out of whack with what I’ve taught you, just go with it.  I change my mind, like, all the time.

– Only help people who deserve it!

– You don’t have to follow my example or obey my commands if you don’t like them or if it’s, like, inconvenient or uncomfortable for you.

– I just want you to be happy!

– Just say the right things and act like you have it together, I’m not all that concerned about the condition of your heart, just walk the walk and talk the talk and no one will know *wink*

– Wealth is awesome and you totally need more stuff.

– Aim to be the best, most-important, and highest-ranking.  Humility is for losers.

– Repentance?  Totes optional.

– People are going to love you once they find out you’re my follower!  But remember, only love the ones that love you. 

– You’re totally better than everyone else.  Please let them know that.

– They will know you are my disciples by how well you can fight on social media, by how bad you can make others feel about themselves, by ignoring marginalized people, by being just as stubborn, abrasive, inflammatory,  and reactionary as everyone else.  Oh, and don’t forget to be touchy and easily offended, that’s how they’ll know you love me!

– Following me is super easy and takes no commitment or sacrifice on your part.  Just do whatever you have time for.

– People who disagree with you politically are stupid and you don’t have to love and/or serve them…because they’re stupid.

Ok, I could go on all day, you get the point.  It sounds so ridiculous, right?  But somehow for me, reading it like this put into stark contrast what He actually said versus what we can justify or convince ourselves is ok in today’s society.  I’m guilty too.  Trust me.  I’m working on that plank, and every day God is softening my heart more and more to people who I would have considered “unworthy” or “undeserving” for whatever arbitrary reasons I had come up with.  I’m not proud of that, but I am proud that God can change, refine, and use even someone as selfish and judgemental as me.  

As I learn more about Jesus through reading the Bible, I find myself increasingly glad and grateful that God is completely constant and unchanging.  I mean, I changed my mind about 40 times today just figuring out what to make for dinner.  I’m wishy washy sometimes and moldable, unfortunately not just by God, but by my surroundings as well.  Thankfully God can see a bigger picture that we just can’t and that’s why it’s so important to realize that God’s purpose for us is much more effective than what we would plan for ourselves because He can see the whole in all of it, even if we never do.  Two of His most amazing qualities, in my opinion, are His ability to be completely constant and His unfailing love for us.  Together that gives us something that we could never, ever, ever get anywhere else in this entire world.  (Sorry Taylor Swift, please don’t sue me for copyright infringement…)

It was pretty fun to think these up, obviously I just took things Jesus did say and turned them around.  But I’m sure I missed some good ones, let me know if you come up with some more!  *Please note, my blog not a place for rudeness or snarkiness (although I am always open to hearing loving correction if I’ve missed the mark) there is a whole internet out there for that.  I still moderate my comments, so please, be respectful, cuz if you’re not, well, I still love you, but your superior intelligence and wit will not be showcased here.*




11 thoughts on “No He didn’t…

  1. Jesus never said : I will never give you more than you can handle, I will help those that help themselves, If to you much has been given keep it and enjoy it, You can love me and money at the same time………and a humorous one for all parents of young munchkins ……….Cleanliness is next to Godliness

  2. Kim, what a spot-on commentary! My friend and I were just talking about the politicos who are so smug in their convictions, no matter how narrow the focus. I always go back to the thought, “What would Jesus have to contribute to this dialogue?” As you aptly pointed out, it’s not as if He is a wimp who doesn’t care about our actions and attitudes. He does, and He just wants us to let His love and light shine through us. No wonder you work well with youth! This is just brilliant, and it really cuts to the heart of the matter.
    I have followed you for a few months now, and I can relate to what you’re going through. I was diagnosed in 2012 with uterine leiomyosarcoma, stage IV. After surgery and chemo, I am NED, but I notice no one has suggested taking out my port! Like you, I have learned the great joy of God’s grace to meet me in every hard situation. I also have such gratitude for the opportunity to grow in my walk with God. I certainly have “new eyes!”
    I write on Caring Bridge, and my site is Ruthann Smith. I hope you’ll visit. I’m pretty sure we have some things in common!
    I wonder if you would mind if I copy this post to my site? I think you nailed it on so many levels, and I’d like to share with my readers. I will obviously credit my source, but I won’t copy without your permission. I pray for you as I pray for other online friends who share this journey with us. And I rejoice that we are daughters of the KING!
    …because of His love for us, we have received grace upon grace!

    1. I will try to check your site out! I have absolutely no idea why but Caring Bridge is often almost impossible for me to get on, I have to act like I forgot my password and change it each time. Anyway, I digress, I’ll try to check it out! Thanks so much for stopping by, and I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well! Gives the rest of us some hope (:

  3. Great Reminder! I was just praying this morning about some of my struggles. IT comes down to PERSPECTIVE. What perspective are we taking. When I look through the eyes of Jesus – Things looks a whole lot different to me! The things that I thought mattered, somehow can not even be seen when I look through his eyes!

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