Any Takers??

Alright, listen up my melahomies (fellow melanoma peeps) and the people who love them!  Next month is our “time to shine”, so to speak, as May is melanoma’s awareness month.  I’m thinking of trying something (depending on your interest in participating).  We know about our cancer, we have seen and felt the heartache associated with it, and we understand on all too deep a level that awareness for a cancer like ours can truly mean the difference between life and death for someone else.

So here’s what I’m proposing: share your story, or some small part of it.  With me.  With us.  I’d love to share some stories on my blog during the month of May about how melanoma has affected you or a loved one.  You probably know that I’m an outspoken Christian, but I am looking for all perspectives, not just those that mirror my own.

Whether you’re a patient, a caregiver, newly diagnosed, a 10 year survivor, a doctor, or wanting to honor a loved one you’ve lost to this horrible disease I’d love to hear your story.  Your story can be nicely wrapped up or still in the messy stage, stage 4 or in situ.  You don’t have to share any personal information, in fact it can be completely anonymous if you would like.

Melanoma can, in some instances, be avoided and we know early detection is crucial, so awareness is our duty once we, or a loved one, are diagnosed.  I want to either help people get diagnosed early or keep them from this struggle altogether.

So here’s what I need:  I’m looking for whole stories OR short anecdotes, little lessons learned, quotes, pics, things doctors have told you or warned you against, life changes made, words of advice, whatever!  I’ll figure out how to format it all in the weeks to come, obviously if 100 people reply, I may not get everyone’s whole story in.  But I can certainly try to put something together that puts awareness at the forefront.  Just comment on here if you’re interested or shoot me an email at (if you send an email, or plan on sending one, and don’t mind, please leave a comment here with a heads up so I know to check my email.  If you just want to send an email with no comment here, that’s cool too, but don’t expect a prompt response lol).

Also, if you know of someone who may want to share their experience, please share this with them so they can get in contact with me.  I’m excited about the possibility in this and ready to get started!  I can’t wait to hear from you!  And if no one responds, I apologize.  My blog for the month of May will just be my usual ramblings 😉

(There’s no guarantee that I can use every story, but I will try.  I don’t expect people to share my same values and beliefs, but will censor profanity as a courtesy to the readers.)


20 thoughts on “Any Takers??

  1. this is so cool. I will share! I write a blog too, I read yours and love your words, they are so encouraging to me.

  2. Kimi, as always you are my amazing niece!! Your blogs are so well written and easy to read, plus getting some very important info to others!! Continue your wonderful writings!! Love you dearly!! Aunt Connie

  3. What an awesome idea ! Giving others a platform to share can be so cathartic and healing in and of itself. I’ll be anxious to read what’s to come. Just like you to think of others ! Blessings and Prayers.

    1. Hey Amy thanks for the heads up, I just checked and responded! I’m so sorry for your loss but your account of your mom’s strength and faith made me cry! Thanks for sharing, let me know if I can share it (:

  4. I sent you an email. I would love to share my husband’s story but can’t get to it until next week. Hope it’s not too late. I’ve just started following your blog and it’s been an answer to prayer. Thanks

  5. I have never shared. May 12, 2015 will be 8 mo since my 17yr old son was diagnosed. A small bluish mole on the side of his head. Stage 3c. 8 nodes positive. Full neck disection on the right side w a skin graft on his beautiful blonde head. 3 rounds of biochemo, 20 rounds of radiation. Scan-stage 4. Liver, spine, sternum, scalp, jaw, and both thighs. Yep, it just grew during his suffering with treatments. His whole senior year. We have gone natural for a month. He feels so good. But I see him getting tired. Yesterday we got news he tested positive for the BRAF mutation. They offered him keytruda. He doesn’t want to. It worked for you. Do you still feel good? How are you. These decisions for my child…it’s impossible. I am in constant prayer. I have felt guided. I know if God wants him he will go and if he stays it will be for a reason too. He is okay either way I am some days, but others it’s almost unbearable. We stay happy. Why waste these good days he does have, right? I pray for many more and to know what to do. This has been an unreal nightmare. It is a beast. But, we have seen amazing things and we have been blessed on this road.

    1. Kerri, I am so sorry this absolutely breaks my heart. His story is so similar to mine. I decided on Keytruda as a “last effort” kind of thing and at this point it’s given me my life back. I feel fine. I have no measurable side effects beyond some vague tiredness and brain fog and headaches, all of which could be related to the radiation I had, my brain tumor, or my seizure meds. I had ipilimumab before I got Keytruda and it started working almost immediately. Ipilimumab (yervoy) seemed to almost speed up my progression and made everything worse, but Keytruda has tamed all of the cancer for the time being. Please consider it. I’d be happy to talk to you, feel free to email me at I can’t imagine having to make these choices for and with my child, but Keytruda seems to work especially well after getting or in conjunction with other biochemotherapies. Where is he being treated?

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