On Being Bold


Read over this a few times and try not to be pushed to a new level of discipleship.  The disciples are showing us how to live boldly for Christ.  No matter what obstacles they faced, they continue on while still being civil and calm and without falling into the trap of being pushy or contentious.  People flock to them.  They’re showing us that we can actually be fearless and fiercely loving while not living to please others, but to please God only.  Actually, they’re showing us that fierce love for others will require that we be fearless.


To boldly do what God has laid before me and rejoicing in the sufferings I endure in the name of Jesus.  To not let anything stop me.  Wow, I have a long way to go!

If He’s calling you to do it, He will guide you in every step.  We can be bold with the message of the good news of Jesus Christ without condemning or making people feel bad about themselves, while rejoicing that God will humble us greatly in the process.

Is God calling you to be bold in something?



6 thoughts on “On Being Bold

  1. Hi Kim, I just found your blog last night after googling “how quickly does Keytruda start working”. Your blog was the first thing on the google page. I went back as far as I could go on your blog (September 2014) and read all your post. Wow, I cried and smiled through every word! It hit so close to home! My husband (soul mate), Evan, has Stage 4 melanoma. (you have an Evan also)! He just had his first Keytruda infusion. Our journey started in August of 2014. An existing mole had changed (became darker), we had noticed it over a 5-6 month period. We have a pretty busy life with 4 boys (Evan, Skylar, Ian and Drake) and we kept putting it off getting it checked, which was the biggest mistake of our lives! He has had numerous moles removed that were similar and they were all fine. In the beginning, Evan was stage 3, first PET scan showed no metastases. Since he had a very high possibility of recurrence his doctor recommended bio-chemo therapy as a preventative. It consists of 3 chemo and 2 immunotherapy drugs given over 6-7 days in the hospital (MD Anderson) 3 weeks with 2 weeks off in between. It was hard but there was suppose to be a light at the end of the tunnel! That’s how we got through it. We were suppose to get back to our wonderfully crazy hectic lives!! 2 weeks after his final treatment, he had his follow up PET scan…it had spread to his liver and bones. Our seemingly perfect life just collapsed. Our doctor, always so optimistic, told us that he can beat this!! Evan has the BRAF mutatation so he started the targeted drug Tafinlar and 30 days later Mekinist. Over the 30 days it looked liked it was working, several lesions were removed (for TIL cell treatment if needed down the road) and showed either dead or regressed cancer cells. A big sigh of relief! The good feeling didn’t last long!! Within 5 days of removing those lesion a new one popped up. Then PET and MRI confirmed…not working! Melanoma had spread even more and now to the brain. So the doctor started him on Keytruda and we are going to do gamma knife radiation for the 4 very small lesions in the brain. We don’t want to wait and see if the Keytruda is working, by then the lesions may have grown larger.
    I have never been a social media kinda of girl…no Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! This is the first time I have ever responded to a blog or anything like it! I’m very old school and a little resistant to all this technology!! But thank God he brought me to your blog! He may have some control over Google! Your posts have really given me hope and encouragement. So many thoughts consume me…what did we do to deserve this?, were we not thankful enough for having such a wonderful life? Can I work a deal with a God…I’ll be a better Christian, I’ll down size our life (we don’t need so much stuff), I’ll give more to others…anything, I’ll do anything to have my husband and the father of my boys with us longer! He’s our rock! Evan is a big guy, 6’3″ and was 230 lbs. (now under 200 lbs) he’s handsome, smart, and funny! He is as perfect a husband and father as I could have ever hoped for! Patient, gentle, kind, never complains, never says a harsh word to me or our boys. He offices at home so we’re together all day. He’s my best friend! I listen to some of my girlfriends complain about their husband and I have nothing but positive things to say about mine!! He’s a total hands on dad! He’s there for all their big and little accomplishments. It probably helps that he still acts like a kid! Most men never seem to grow up! Evan and our boys all play basketball. He has turned our driveway into a basketball court….a big goalrilla bball hoop, poured more concrete so it’s bigger, he even painted all the lines! I can’t even plant anything in our side yard because that would get in the way of their mini football field! He helps taking and picking up the boys because they’re all at different schools…elementary, middle and high school. The oldest, Evan, just got his MBA so he’s out in the real world (Austin). We had planned on moving to Austin next year after our 2nd son graduates from high school…class of 2016! He’s planning on going to UT and we love Austin! I mourne for the life we had and future we had planned! I’m trying so hard to keep my faith and your blog has renewed it! I was picking up a prescription and while I was waiting I bought a book “Praying the Psalms changes Things”. It has helped also! I will also start reading the book of Acts! I can’t believe I’ve written so much! I will continue to follow you! I would love to stay in touch and possibly meet you some day even though I live in south Texas! I know in my heart that you will be one of the blessed ones who survives this terrible disease and will be telling your story to your grandkids! And I hope and pray my husband will be also!
    One melanoma stage 4 survivor that I read on the website aimatmelanoma.org said, “God didn’t give me melanoma but he did give me the will to fight it”
    We’ll never give up the fight! Thanks again for your inspiration!

    1. Wow! I’m amazed by you and your husband’s story. It always breaks my heart because I know all too well the heartbreak. Please please keep me updated! And we have several friends in Texas, so you never know! Thanks so much for taking the time to share this ❤❤

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