Ghost Sighting

She looked completely concerned yet morbidly intrigued, interested yet utterly confused.  Like what she was seeing did not in any way match up with what she knew was true medically and scientifically. 

She looked like she’d seen a ghost.

I spoke with my PET scan technician on Tuesday after the procedure and we were chatting about my medical history.  She looked so surprised and confused that I was reminded of how incredible this all really is.  I was refreshed in what it feels like not just to see a miracle, but to actually physically be the miracle.  A living and breathing example of God’s existence.  Proof that He still loves us and still works on our behalf. 

Let me tell you, I am in NO WAY worthy of this but sometimes it feels pretty cool to watch people logically trying to rationalize why you’re still alive.  But they can’t.

My PET scan came back good.  ‘No new disease’ is, I believe, how it was worded.  I will freaking take it!  That means no cancer progression.  That means another clear scan.  That means a breather. 

Of course this comes with relief and, as always, guilt.  But I’m just so in awe of God right now.  He’s not just the reason I’m here, he’s everything.  Everything.

Every 3 months or so, right around PET scan time, I’m forced to face the fact that this may all be over sooner than I’d like.  But He has granted me yet another reprieve.  I can’t explain it and I don’t deserve it, but I’m determined to use it for His purposes.  I will continue serving Him joyfully, gladly, and with a thankful heart.

This could all change, literally, in a heartbeat.  But since my heart beats only for Him who created me, I’ll keep serving where I’m called and loving everyone I see.  This song, “Way Beyond Me” sums up my feelings probably better than anything else.

Thank you a million times over to those who are praying.  I’m trying to repay that when I hear of prayer needs.  God is so so good!



28 thoughts on “Ghost Sighting

  1. All I can say is, “Praise God!!”. He has a purpose still for your life. Keep reaching out, loving others, bringing hope. Watch Chris Tomlin’s video from Creation last year. Remember how he said he would see you again…or something along those lines? Well, he’s NOT going to be at Creation this year. Just saying.
    I love you girl. God’s got a soft spot in His heart for His beautiful creation who is spreading His love. YOU. Are. Beautiful. ❤

    1. Aww Kristal! I love you ❤ and um I’ve watched that video like 90,000 times, he says we WILL meet lol! Yup me and Chris “The Chris” Tomlin are pretty much Besties! (I felt like I should have a nickname for him but I don’t actually know him…so…that’s the best I got)

  2. Barbara Burkholder God is good. My heart goes out for you. like you said keek serving Him. take care of those sweet children.

  3. So happy to hear your wonderful news,how exciting to be living a miracle,and how blessed are the rest of us to be witnesses!!

  4. Praise You, Lord! What an amazing testimony you are, Kim. He truly is EVERYTHING! Again, thank you for your transparency and allowing us to come with you on your journey. Bless ya, sis!

  5. Kim,
    I have been following you for a couple of months now–please know that there are people out here-like me–quietly following but praying for you!! I was so waiting to hear your good news today–it made my day. Yes! Our God is Great and so worthy to be praised!! You’re such a blessing and an inspiration to many. It’s so good to know that there are truly some young people REALLY living for The Lord in this day and time. You are a breath of fresh air!! We’re so happy for your good news!
    Be Blessed-Be Encouraged-and know that we are lifting YOU and your family up in prayer. BIG BIG Hugs to YOU!🌺

  6. My prayers have been answered again. I had just prayed for you again about 10 minutes before I read this. God has a job for you to do. You are a blessing to a lot of people. Sending prayers of praise to God!

  7. Yaaayyy! God is so Good. Loved talking with you and Eric the other day and getting wet with Ethan, he is such a boy, love you all.

  8. Hooray!!!!! So happy about your great report!! Sending a big hug your way………Adele!!! And Rick!!!!!

  9. So proud of you, Kimi!!! So happy to hear the NED results!! Your faith is keeping you strong!! Love you SO much!! Hugs to Evan & Britney from Aunt Connie!!

  10. Praise God! Every day is a gift. Your story reminds me of King Hezikiah in the Old Testament who told God if He would grant him more years of life on the earth he would praise Him continually. You are an amazing witness to God’s glory. Continued blessings to you!

  11. Kim your story is such an amazing testimony, I read your story in the life beautiful magazine and will add you to my prayer list. I was diagnoses with breast cancer at 33 and a lot of what you said resonated with my heart too. Keep living the Word! You are doing amazing!

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