Cherishing the “Small” Moments


We are currently on a family vacation at the beach and I just have such a sense of love and joy and peace in my heart right now.  I try not to think about things like this too much because it can be quite draining, but in the quietness of sweet sleep around me right now I’m brought to tears by how grateful I am to God for continuing to allow me to be here for things like this.  These small quiet moments that could easily go unnoticed but when taken in are so beautiful and profound have become my most cherished.  My favorite memory of our vacation so far?  This post-beach nap.

All tuckered out from the beach!
Yes, I got hubby's permission before posting this haha

It’s easy for things to feel very “heavy” emotionally when you are given the impression that you are in your final days here on earth.  Last year I said my goodbyes to this place (the beach where we vacation every year with Eric’s side of the family) knowing that I wouldn’t be here this year.  Knowing. 

And yet here I am.  I am overflowing with gratitude, although confusion and sadness sometimes poke their heads through for the simple fact that now I’m swimming in the deep waters of uncertainty with my health.  Things are good for now, but mets are always on my brain (and hopefully not in it).  I don’t want to get ahead of myself and count on many more years of this, but I also refuse to count it out.

So before they wake up and start driving me crazy again, I will soak up every second of this sweetness.  God has blessed me with the task of being a mommy to these two sweet ones and I get to be married to an amazing selfless, Godly man.  Gladly giving praise to the one from whom all blessings flow.  He is so good.


11 thoughts on “Cherishing the “Small” Moments

  1. So glad that you enjoying your time as a family at the beach! The picture of Britt is priceless. Brings back memories of how I would find my own children so soundly asleep! God is good. Love to you and yours….Adele

  2. Beautiful post, happy you are enjoying these ‘extra’ moments, praying that there will indeed be years more. Beautiful, sweet moments indeed. I just wrote in my journal yesterday about these mini glimpses of heaven we are allowed on earth. Enjoy the rest of your time away!

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