The Believer’s Role in the Planned Parenthood Issue

I’m not here to debate the issue or to plead for people to see things my way.  I’m not trying to change anyone’s mind on the topic, so please don’t even go there.  This issue is inflammatory and convictions both ways are deeply held, there’s no doubt about it.  But I’m not speaking here to non-believers or to people who consider themselves pro-choice.

I’m talking to the pro-life Christian. 

So listen up brothers and sisters in Christ: Just digging our heels in on important issues is not enough, we as believers are called to ACTION.  To love and to serve.  Everyone.  That’s kind of how we are supposed to be recognized anyway, right?  Trust me, I get it, I’m just as sickened by these videos as you are.  And even though the atrocities performed by these providers aren’t new, this is a new situation, a chance, a possibility that what is in the dark may be brought to light and that there could be a cultural awakening. 

So…what’s our plan?  Say Planned Parenthood gets shut down, what then?  Say abortion even becomes illegal!  Do we just sit back, put our feet up, and pat ourselves on the back? 

No.  If we really care about this issue, then we must really, sincerely care about these women who feel that this is the best option for them and we must care about what happens to them and their children. 

We must have true compassion, otherwise our passion is meaningless.

We as believers are very, very good at letting people know what we don’t agree with but are we ready to serve in the way Jesus intended us to?  Are we ready to put our hearts and time and money on the line to actually make life better for these hurting women?  We obviously care, but we must ask ourselves:
Do we care only because it’s a sin or do our hearts ache for the lonely mothers who feel this is actually their best option?  Are we broken inside for these children who won’t see the light of day?  Are we hungering to help ease the burden of women who have already had an abortion and are suffering from depression?

Now’s the time.  Feel strongly about this?  Great.  Volunteer at a pregnancy crisis center.  Start a single moms Bible study if you yourself can relate to that.  Be there for someone when they need you.  Adopt a child or consider fostering.  Encourage or reach out to a woman who is suffering from depression post-abortion.  Just…love people.  I’m ready to jump in (unfortunately can’t adopt or foster because of my cancer, but will be praying that the Lord puts me where He needs me). 

God is giving us an opportunity to show His love and bring His light into the darkest of situations.  I’m not judging or condemning women who have had abortions, in fact I think it would be great for the church to rally around these women and remind them that God is still there for them and still wants them.  Repentance is cleansing and freeing and the burdens can be lifted and the chains broken.  It’s the same for them as it was for us.

Church, the time is now.  Preach, brother James:


(Please don’t troll here.  If you are looking to start a fight please go one of the infinite other places on the internet to do that.  Thanks!)




14 thoughts on “The Believer’s Role in the Planned Parenthood Issue

  1. Awesome Kim yes we need to be supportive and Loving to the young Mothers/single or not. Our lady from my Church had this great vision…took a lot of planning until it all came together. But it’s an awesome organization called Embrace Grace. We bring in single Mothers and show them love and support and have the members of Church buy items and throw a Baby shower. Check out the Website to see exactly what it does.

  2. Well said Kim. Many are willing to yell and shake their fingers but not actually do anything. We can say these mothers should place their babies for adoption but would we ourselves be willing to raise one?

  3. So true Kim! Great blog!! So many people hurting in today’s world!! I have always wanted to volunteer in a pregnancy center – maybe you just gave me the kick in the pants to do it!!!

  4. Back in the day, when I was young and didn’t ache for no reason, when a Christian girl got pregnant she was typically sent away to stay somewhere else until the baby was born. I always thought that was a sad practice, however. Sure, the baby got a home, but the young teenager was treated like a leper. Thankfully, I’ve not seen that done anytime recently. Unfortunately, what I have seen are pregnant teens treated like little celebrities in youth groups. That’s not good, either.

    1. It’s certainly a fine line between supporting and condoning! In my experience though when a teen is pregnant there is always remorse so I certainly am not going to heap on any guilt (and I know you wouldn’t either). This is a very complex issue with so many variables, I would just love to see Christians actually seeking Christ as to what our role is to be in this instead of just knee-jerk “abortion is a sin” shaming of young women.

  5. You rock.
    You are a profound thinker and a treasure to Christianity. *True* Christianity. I hope others learn from and appreciate your wise remarks. Let’s “walk the walk.”

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