Off To Penn (Again)…

So I am headed back to Penn today for the first time since my last chemo.  It feels cool to know I don’t have to see my oncologist (as great as he is, I associate him with bad things lol) but I’m not exactly thrilled to be getting a spinal tap!  They want to test my spinal fluid and also check that the pressure of the fluid is adequate?  Or something… I guess they need to do this to rule out things before they can just chalk it up to either a side effect of the Keytruda or a side effect of having a brain tumor that has scar tissue around it.  Not even exactly sure what result in hoping for but I’m certainly not thrilled to be getting this done although my neurologist assures me it’s not bad at all, that it’s just like getting an epidural, but I’m doubting he’s had either so what does he know!? 

Anyway, I’ll get my port flushed, will have a visual field test (whatever that is), and will be getting a “lumbar puncture” (sciency term for spinal tap).  I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince them to let my hubby get pics of the process because I’m super curious about it but know enough by now to stay away from Google images. 

The hope is that this visual test and the tap will give us some insight as to why I’m getting headaches virtually all the time.  I hate taking meds so I’m glad my neurologist wants to look into this, maybe if they find the cause they can fix it and I won’t have to deal with this anymore.  Here’s to hoping!

And just in case you’re wondering, I did actually watch “This is Spinal Tap” last night.  Even though it’s not about spinal taps at all… Eh, why not?  Any excuse to watch a Christopher Guest movie.  Same as I’d watch “Best in Show” if I was entering Buck in a dog show that next day or watch “A Mighty Wind” if I was gonna go to a folk music festival.

Sidenote: Buck could win a dog show. At least the talent portion! He's really good at ignoring me and chasing squirrels, that's gotta be worth something right?

I need a life….

Anyway, will keep ya updated on what we hear!


9 thoughts on “Off To Penn (Again)…

  1. visual field test, both nancy and I have had it, you stare at a screen and they show little lights popping off and on to your left, right, up, down, squeeze a button when u see them,, no pain but feels like it never ends

  2. Hi Kim, I never met you- I think we missed eachother at NH Naz by weeks! But I feel I know you….
    I’m listening to the song: Worn
    By Tenth Avenue North
    “May you see Redemption Win…”even today!!!
    Praying for you today. I’m planning a trip to New Holland/ Ephrata in a few weeks. I’d like to meet you 🙂
    My cell is: 610 757-7549
    Text me;)
    Blessings, Missy

    1. Hey that sounds awesome! Would love to meet up! I’ll text you or you can fb message me or whatever when the time gets close. And I LOVE that song. Just reassuring that while it doesn’t feel “figured out” to us, God’s got it 🙂

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