Quick Update!

Hey guys, I wanted to just quick get this out there because some of you are so kind and have been asking so I’ll just let everyone know that my spinal fluid came back completely normal!  Not to brag but my spinal fluid is amazing.  Don’t be jealous πŸ˜‰ The major concern of course would be cancer cells in the fluid or inflammation that might indicate that but it was completely clear.  It’s a huge relief that I am so so grateful for!

This isn’t over though as now my neurologist wants to rule out a fistula in my brain.  That’s essentially a bad wiring, so to speak, of blood vessels.  This would explain my symptoms of persistent headaches and constantly being able to hear my heartbeat in my right ear (been going on a few months).  I figure I already have an aneurysm and a tumor up there, why not let a fistula join that partay?? 

Honestly, jokes aside, I’m super grateful for a lot of things at this point.  For family, friends, and a church family (which is an amazing mix of family and friends) who continue to uphold us in prayer, I’m thankful for family that can help with the kids when I’m feeling crappy, I’m thankful that my neurologist really cares and isn’t just going to let these headaches slide, I’m thankful that it’s not cancer (!!!), and I’m thankful to God for being the air I breathe and the hope in my heart.  This suffering really is producing in me character, just as He promises.  He has not let me sit on the sidelines but instead has continued to show me the work that needs done in His kingdom.  No excuses.  This has in turn been a huge blessing back to me.  That is actually why I haven’t been blogging as much.  Though I do miss connecting with peeps on here, God is putting lots of people and needs right before my eyes and whispering “Go.” into my ear. 

And without boring you to death, can we just agree that it’s completely unfathomable how God equips and uses us even when we aren’t qualified or don’t feel usable.  Amazing!

I will be starting with a few tests soon to figure out this fistula business.  One is a CT angiogram (piece of of cake!  I love CT scans, they are so easy compared to other tests) and the other is not so fun, it’s like a heart Cath where they insert a catheter in your groin but instead of snaking it up to my heart they will snake it up into my brain while taking xrays the whole time.  Ewww…. And here I thought I was done with these adventures!  Betcha can’t wait to read about that one…

Thanks again to all who have been praying and keeping up with this crazy story! ❀


21 thoughts on “Quick Update!

  1. So happy to see the way God is working in your life………………….!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a witness to so many about how God loves us, stretches us, upholds us, carries us, and leads us……………………………..Adele

  2. You are truly GOD’S work in progress. The love he has for you is beyond words, and that you feel that love so strongly in your soul is awe inspiring for all of us to see. In God’s love, keep going where he leads. Many love you.

  3. Praise God! He is amazing. And so are you! πŸ™‚ In response to another post a month or so ago about the Planned Parenthood discussion…I thought of you in church last Sunday. The CEO of our local Alternatives Pregnancy center spoke. What an amazing organization. I felt God saying to me, “Okay, so you’re against abortion. What are you going to do to help?” So I’m volunteering with my two teenage granddaughters! Thank you for being such a great “prodder” for God! πŸ™‚ Prayers always!

  4. Kim, I have been following your blogs and rejoicing with you over every victory. In caregiving for my aged mother, who fell over two months ago, breaking a collar bone, life has been totally hectic. I am amazed, however, how the Lord is using me, her and this situation to touch many other lives – like the nurses, therapists, HHAs who are coming and going from my house. We are also ministering to several relatives who are having major health issues and one who is dying of a brain tumor. That story is a miracle in itself.
    All that to say that The Lord is moving mightily in this season of difficult circumstances, disease, sickness, pain, relationships, etc. I am seeing several of my family members and neighbors who have never trusted Jesus (one of them outright says “Don’t talk to me about God”) being challenged like never before to have to look up and live or chose the way of death. And the Lord is allowing me particularly to serve them and minister the caring love of Christ without even talking about Him (so far). I trust this completely.
    AS for mom, well at 90, she has recovered well enough to go back to her apartment with some supportive care. We will see how long that lasts, but she wants to be independent. She also prays for the unsaved people in her apartment building. So it is all good.

    1. You’re right it is so awesome to watch Him work. Unfortunately He knows our pride and stubbornness and that it often takes something bad to happen before we question Him. But questioning Him means we are acknowledging Him and therefore if we are receptive can start letting him in. Sorry your loved ones are suffering but glad there can be joy in the midst ❀

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