Truth Hurts

Confession time: I am a people pleaser.  I like people to like me and I’m super non-confrontational.  In fact when I know someone doesn’t like me (shocking that that could even happen right??  I’m so freaking loveable!) it like practically eats away at me.  My husband will attest to this.  And if there’s a problem?  Oh you better believe if there’s a passive-aggressive way to confront it that is exactly how I’ll do it!  I always say if I was a dog, I’d be a golden retriever – anytime someone was mad at me I’d just roll over and pee at their feet.  (That may sound gross but if you’ve ever had a golden then you know exactly what I mean…)


But being liked should never be my goal.  Maybe it will be a pleasant outcome of servanthood and speaking truth in love.  But…it may not.  And I need to accept that.  Let’s face it, the saying “the truth hurts” rings true for a reason.  I remind myself of this verse in Galatians surprisingly often as “people pleasing” is very natural for me.  But I am praising God that He continually convicts me in my sin of seeking comfort. 

Let’s take blogging for an example, if I really wanted to please people I would check my stats and comments and traffic and only write on those topics that get the most views.  I don’t check stats anymore but I do occasionally get a notification about when an abnormal amount of people are checking out my blog. 

Do you wanna know what the big seller is?  Dying.  Death and being scared about dying or talking about facing death in general.   I get the sort of morbid curiosity, trust me I do, but can you imagine if in my bid to get views and please people that was all I wrote about?  But you know what?  A few years ago, I probably would have done just that.  “Oh, posts that mention Jesus directly and have some sort of call to action do significantly worse.  I don’t wanna step on toes, I better just stick to cancer and vague references to faith.”

Nope.  My seeking people’s approval so they like me isn’t doing anyone any favors.  And certainly casually mentioning faith in a cancer blog without directly correlating the unfathomable peace and comfort that comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and the sense of fulfillment and purpose in direct and meaningful service to Him would be hurting the cause. 

Truth hurts.  But I’m gonna keep saying it because truth transformed me and my entire life into something worth living.  Who am I to deny that for someone else?

Before I could come to know Christ personally I had to confront some pretty ugly truths about myself.  And I have nothing in my heart but gratitude for the people who never sugar-coated the gospel just to please me.  I think I can do the same service for others.

And if you don’t like it, too bad!


….please don’t hate me 😉



13 thoughts on “Truth Hurts

  1. Glory…. it’s an amazing experience!!!

    ‘It’s either you are people pleaser or an approval addict…. non of this high is good for our health…. it limits our potentials and the amount of impact we can make in people’s lives-sst

    Beautiful post…. thanks.

  2. Kim,
    Great truth and I enjoyed your message! I like you 🙂 and blessed to have gotten to know you. You and your family are always in my thoughts and prayers. Denise Ashton

  3. Maybe you should have been an author!? You write very well Kim! Thank you for all you share and most of all for your love of Christ!

  4. Wow what a great message! God is certainly doing a wonderful work in your life. I needed to hear this as I am a people pleaser and you hit the nail on the head.

  5. Excellent post, Kim. Life is too short to not speak the truth, even if it might offend some. Unfortunately many Christians don’t realize this until they face a serious trial.
    God bless you.

  6. Do you have any idea how difficult this subject is for a pastor? There are days when drugs (legal) and therapy wouldn’t be bad. And then there’s that whole blogger mentality…good grief I’m messed up.

  7. I was a people pleaser to. Now my goal is to Pease God. What other think don’t matter as long as I’m doing God work. Sometimes we don’t know why we go through things like cance, back problem, legs, but as long as we do what God ask of us we are following his path.He never promise as an easy path.

  8. Thank you for speaking truth. We have been going over this the past few weeks at church… How the ‘loving’ way is to speak (God’s) truth to people and share the gospel with people… By withholding that becuase you don’t want to offend someone isn’t doing them any favors…. It’s seeking man’s approval instead of God’s. I enjoy reading your blog so much… I come away every time spiritually lifted and I appreciate that… I will be continuing to pray for you and your sweet family…. Thankful God is continuing to get the Glory by what He’s doing in your life 🙂

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