No, They Don’t Have a Cure for Cancer


If there was one stupid myth about cancer I could get rid of it would be this: “they have the cure but will never give it to us because there’s too much money in the cancer business”.  I have heard this probably 1,000 times and I honestly believe that it’s a big, steaming load.  Oncologists work long, probably often thankless hours trying to do research, surgeries, teaching others, and knowing the ins and outs of each of their patient’s cases –  all to save lives.  They do not want their patients to die.  Like I can’t even believe I had to just type that!  Honestly, if I worked in the cancer field I would be super offended by this nonsense, and I don’t get offended easily. 

Know why cancer is hard to cure?  Because it’s different in every body.  My melanoma is different than someone else’s.  Mine began and metastasized differently than someone else’s might.  Mine also responded to treatment for now, someone else’s might not.
Seriously, once you have cancer you learn 2 things:
1.  We don’t know as much about it as you’d think.  Every patient has a completely unique story and experience. 
2.  Doctors work very, very hard to try to save your life.  I haven’t had a doctor yet that I didn’t think truly cared about whether I lived or died.

Do the doctors make money?  You bet they do.  And they deserve it.  I don’t even care if my oncologist names his yacht or his Lambo after me because I bring him so much business.  I know he has done everything he can to keep me alive, and hey, look, so far it has worked!  Wait, maybe I should name something after him.  Anyway…

I refuse to believe this conspiracy theory that would literally make every human in the oncology field a huge sell-out and horrible person.  Do you even hear yourselves?? So sick of those dumb articles.  Chemo is not ever sold as a cure.  It’s something that you discuss with your doctor to see if the risks outweigh the rewards.  And you know what?  Most people choose to give it a try regardless of the success rates.  There is a very real sense of helplessness in this scenario that you wouldn’t know unless you were ever to face this yourself and most people want to at least say they tried something.

Are there things you can do yourself that can help your odds?  Sure there are.  But seriously, to the people sharing these articles and saying to someone’s face as they’re dying “they have the cure they just won’t give it to you!”, when you get cancer, where are you going to turn?  Because I’d put all my money on the fact that you’ll end up at a reputable cancer hospital in the waiting room queue for chemo just like the rest of us.


9 thoughts on “No, They Don’t Have a Cure for Cancer

  1. Well said! Cancer is something that continues to really puzzle us. That is serious bafflement, not a conspiracy theory. It does behave differently in different people and there are so many variables that it’s hard to predict, prevent, treat.

    Not long ago some scientists were working on the fountain of youth, trying to discover a longevity gene. They got all excited because they found it, but upon closer examination they discovered that it was actually a cancer gene. The same gene that contributed to a long life, also caused cancer. We have yet to figure out what flips that switch. I had a woman I looked after, 98 years old, she’d survived the flu epidemic that wiped out much of her family, war time bombings, infections before anti-biotics, but she eventually died of luekemia. What was so interesting was that she had had it her entire life, nearly 100 years, but it never showed up until the end of her life.

    People in healthcare truly do love you. Many of us would move heaven and earth to bring healing to people,and that is the important thing for people to remember, to focus on. Love is something to pull towards yourself and to embrace. Some of these conspiracy theories instead make us doubt if we are loved, as if there is this evil cabal of minions out to get us. Meh, minions are small, love is huge.;)

  2. Hi dear! I want to be as honest as possible. When you started your post, I thought it would swing the other way. I’m one of those people who tends towards the conspiracy theory, because I do believe there are big conspiracy theories, and certainly those few vile people out there living off the misery of the masses. However, I really liked your post and defense for those who are working to treat cancer patients and eradicate the problem once and for all.

    I believe that the doctors, nurses and scientists working hard to find a cure are genuine human beings who want to help the world. However, there is still that little part of me that suspects that if (not saying they have) a cure was found, those really in power – the capitalists – not the doctors or scientists, would do everything in their power to keep from losing their income from indefinite treatments. I think it was something that Chris Rock said in a joke that resounded with me (but maybe I’m just prone to such thoughts). He said that they learnt their lesson when they found and revealed the cure for polio! Now, it seems they can’t cure anything, and that people will always be drugged up because it sells.

    I am really not trying to counter your post. I agree that your doctor and the nurses, even the hospital and the scientists working hard to treat patients are genuine. I just don’t believe that they are in control.

    Cheers for sharing! Love, Ufuoma.

  3. These are great comments and well thought out responses. Thanks. All of us have half a brain – that’s why we need each other!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. Yes, I agree completely. Cancer is like a finger print, each one’s situation is specific to their DNA. I pray that God will continue to bless the researchers with wisdom and guidance to find better and more effective treatments. Most (all but maybe one) of our doctors and nurses are hoping just as strongly as we are for better treatments and those ultimate cures.

  5. I am about to run 5k tomorrow in the Terry Fox run. Afterwards as a cancer survivor I will be speaking to the large crowd.. this is one of the topics I will be covering. Thank you so much for posting this!

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