My Revival Prayer

[I became a Christian at the age of 23 so that meant I was thrown into a new world with a new language – “Christianese” – that sounded awfully funny at first, but as I began to understand more deeply the changes I had experienced, I was able to speak it more fluently to the point now where it’s second nature.  There is one thing I find super weird though, and maybe it’s just a factor of where I live, but I find it so odd how the church today seems to shy away from the term “revival”.  Now coming into Christianity, I had no preconceived notions of revival whatsoever – not good or bad.  It was a neutral word to me, honestly.  Is this something within the church that keeps people from pushing for this?  I have experienced personal revival on several occasions and think that it is not only beneficial, it is necessary.  We have such a strong tendency to keep ourselves preoccupied with unimportant things that I think occasionally it’s important to step back, reevaluate, get right, and go from there.  And so, here below, is my earnest prayer for a revival of the Holy Spirit within all believers.]


May the fire of Holy Spirit burn deep within our bellies, and may the love of Christ overflow from our hearts.

May our words bring praise to God and may each precious breath be spent in building others up in constant encouragement.

May our lips tell stories of His goodness, His mercy, His life-giving presence.

May we cast off the weight of the rotting corpse that is guilt and shame and fully finally dance for joy in the glorious freedom that is grace.

But may our backs ache with the burden of those who have yet to receive this rest-giving, life-changing freedom.

May we be guided by sound teaching and doctrine, but never fall into the trap of legalism.

May we solemnly grieve for those who are grieving and may we whole-heartedly rejoice with those who can rejoice.

May we bring the good news so far that our feet are sore and weary and may our arms ever ache as we continually reach out to further the kingdom.

May we keep our eyes fixed on Him, our lives set in His will, and our feet planted firmly in the path He has set before us.

May we never forsake eternal and life-giving truth for the sweet-sounding lies of the devil.

May we not stew in our perceived grievances and count offenses, but may we extend grace always.  May even a gentle rebuke from a fellow believer be accepted with an open heart.

May we see in the harsh light of reality the suffering all around us and may it not discourage us but be a call to meaningful and fruit-bearing action.

May we understand that the cure for poverty isn’t simply money, it’s generosity.  It’s selfless, sacrificial, uncoerced, and unrequited generosity of time, energy, love, and personal wealth.

May we realize that life is too short and Jesus is too true to hold grudges or to be divisive and loud and stubborn and angry.

May we no longer conform to and pursue a world that is decaying and overflowing with death but allow ourselves to be renewed every moment by the living God who makes all things new.

May we experience hunger so that others are fed and may we serve with selflessness and intent, forsaking accolades, recognition, and meaningless praise.

May we become disgusted with our own complacency towards Christ’s call to go and make disciples and may we fall to our knees in repentance for this sin of apathy.

May we experience unity as believers all living with the same goal – to reach a broken and hurting world with the love and truth of Jesus Christ and to God be all the glory!

Jesus himself said to a group of people who believed in Him (v 31), “there’s no room in your hearts for my message”  (John 8:37).  Lord, may we cleanse ourselves anew and repent without shame or self-consciousness until there may be nothing else found in our hearts but Your message!

Amen. ❤️



4 thoughts on “My Revival Prayer

  1. Hi Kim. Just wanted you to know how very right on you are with this prayer. I copied it and used it on Wed. night when four of us met for intercessory prayer. Your call to repentance is exactly what the Lord has been saying to us. It starts with me, in my heart, in my relationship with Jesus. Then we can start to look at the church and the community beyond. Revival begins in the humble hearts of those who love and follow Jesus through the rough and tumble ways of life. I encourage you to keep sharing this message.

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