“Some Good News and an Apology”

These were the exact words of my oncologist when he called me yesterday.  “I have some good news and an apology.”

So, let’s get right to it – the good news!  No new mets in my lungs.  Well that’s fabulous, I love it.  Now what’s up with the apology?

Well apparently a radiologist at Penn decided to re-read all of my scans.  Like, compare all of them.  That’s no small undertaking, my friend.  I’m estimating I have probably had over 50 scans of one sort or another at this point.  And so this random radiologist who was apparently bored at Penn and just wasting time the day before Thanksgiving trying to make the day go faster or whatever read all my scans and came to the conclusion that it’s possible that the spots in my liver aren’t cancer.


Yup, you read that right.  So he tells my oncologist, who is presumably also just bummin around the day before a holiday, and now he reads all of my scans too and comes to the same conclusion.  (I’m only teasing about them being bored and wasting time, if you’ve ever been to Penn, you know that everyone there is very important and very busy.)

So what the heck is in my liver?  They think they might be benign tumors called hemangiomas.

Just so we can all feel smart, here’s a pic of a melanoma met in the liver:


And here’s a pic of some random person’s hemangioma in the liver:


See, it’s easy to tell the difference!  Just kidding obviously, there’s no way he can be totally sure at this point, but he did seem to think it was a very likely possibility based on the sizes and the way they’ve changed over time.  I’m pretty confused about the details of it, honestly, and I’m not sure I could clarify what he explained to me even if I wanted to.

So the plan is that I will continue treatments for two months and at that point will get more scans that will apparently somehow tell us definitively if it’s cancer or not.  I imagine it would have to look something like this


But what do I know, I’m not a radiologist.

It’s crazy to think it might not be cancer!   I’m feeling really hopeful but guarded at the same time. This past week has been just awful (as you could probably tell by my crybaby writings of late.  It’s like a big steaming pile of depression, like I’m trying to out-Solomon Solomon in Ecclesiastes or something) hence why Dr. A felt the need to apologize.  I appreciate my oncologist and his team and I’m not upset at all at the possibility of a “false alarm”.  But what an emotional roller coaster!  This week got me like:


Thanks for coming along for the ride.  You all are amazing and though I haven’t been able to reply to the comments on my last post yet, I fully intend to.  Please know I read and take to heart each one of them and I’m so grateful that you’ve taken the time out of your day to leave me some encouragement.  You guys are the best!

So now, let’s all go enjoy Thanksgiving and take a hint from this kid who really gets it.


Happy Thanksgiving!! ❤



19 thoughts on ““Some Good News and an Apology”

  1. Hi Kim. I am Terri’s Aunt Francine and I have been following you since the beginning and I am so very happy to hear your news and the “apology.” I too, am going through the “c” ride and understand exactly what you mean. Roller coaster rides. I have been in the chair since February and since mid June I have been on maintenance chemo. My cycle is every 21 days. I have stage 4 lung cancer with mets in spine, spleen, and brain. I had gamma ray surgery of the brain in February and my last 2 MRIs were clean and the doctor told me a few months ago that he thinks 2 of the 3 spots on my spine are ” suspect”. I do however have a second partially collapsed lung, both are of the left lobes. A few friends and family members have been diagnosed with cancer since me, 7 to be exact, and they have told me I inspire them,well what I want you to know, is that you have inspired me since my ” bump in the road” which is what I call it. So thank you brave warrior Kim and never lose your faith, your humor, and the fight. Bless you Kim. Francine Kulp

  2. Sweet Kimi!! I can hardly see to write this note to you due to tears of joy for you!! What wonderful news on a day for giving Thanks!! Have a wonderful day with your family!! Lots of love from Aunt Connie!

  3. Wow!!!!! Our God is a GREAT God!!!!! He used the radiologist to reveal ……a blessing…a BIG blessing! We are so happy for you and your family. Our best wishes to you for a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving celebration!!! Love and hugs to all of you……Adele and Rick.

  4. Can your journey have any more miracles! You placed your trust in the Lord and see what can transpire. BUT the biggest relief of all is that the crayon drawing ws not my Evan ………….Netflix 😃

  5. Wow!!! That is truly amazing! I see God did not want you to worry and put the nudge in that radiologist to reread your scans!! Such a great Thanksgiving gift!! God is good! Enjoy your day and celebrate the good news!!

  6. Wow, roller coaster ride is right! Praising God for this potentially wonderful news, heck lets just go with its not cancer! What a great thanks to have on thanksgiving day! Happy Thanksgiving and God bless, Linda

  7. Praise God!! I’m praying for you big!! Is a liver biopsy possible? Speaking from experience you know. And I’ve been getting updates quite frequently lately about new FDA approved melanoma treatments. And most importantly Jesus is the same ALWAYS and is more than able to heal you! Blessed Thanksgiving to your family.

  8. Wow that is a lot to take in. I want you to know you are not forgotten. I pray for God to give you that healing touch. You have an awesome support system. Sorry tog hear about you Pastor we are praying for. Him also.

  9. Wow that is a lot to take in. I want you to know you are not forgotten. I pray for God to give you that healing touch. You have an awesome support system. Sorry to hear about you Pastor we are praying for. Him also.

  10. That’s great news Kim. You and your family are in my prayers always and thank you for sharing your journey with us. Cancer has touched my family more than once and know that we are all pulling for you! You are an inspiration…God bless you!

  11. I went to my email this morning hoping to find an update from you…and…wow!! Amazing, thanking God! Still praying. I really hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!!

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