Merry Christmas to the Lonely and the Lost

The anticipation.  The excitement.  The hope for getting something we didn’t know we needed.  Exactly.

God gave us the greatest gift. 

We don’t serve a distant and cold God! No, we serve a God who walked alongside us and chose to feel the things we do, both good and bad.  The togetherness and the loneliness.  The hurt and the healing.  The love and the loss.  No matter what we have been facing this Christmas, whether it was a beautiful day filled with family and warmth and laughter or whether it was a cold day filled with loneliness and reminders of what once was, we can rest assured that our savior felt that too.  No longer God at a distance, but God with us.  Emmanuel. 

From God above, to God with us, to – after He was risen – God within us.  There is no greater gift. 

I feel for those who have suffered this holiday season.  People who are facing a first Christmas without a loved one or even a 20th Christmas without a loved one – the pain is the same.  I’m reminded that my family should be celebrating without me.  I feel for people who are lonely, lost, or feeling forgotten.

Just remember that what we celebrate this season isn’t the excess and the gifts and the decorations and the idol of greed.  No, we celebrate Jesus.  The man who felt our pain, willingly took our sin, and chose to sacrifice it all, everything, for each one of us.  All of us.  And the good news is there is not one single one among us who deserve it.

Merry Christmas. 

All my love,


King of Heaven – Hillsong
“In our silence, Heaven whispered out
In our darkness, glory pierced the night”



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