A Prayer for Today


We all go through times where God feels distant, maybe even unreachable, or where we know we have strayed and feel shame in returning to His undeserved mercy and grace.  Though I know this is very normal in the day to day life of a believer, I also believe that we must recognize it as soon as we can and must also not allow it to take hold.  The distance that we perceive is often a result of our incremental steps away from Him (a little less prayer each day, a little less time in the Word) til we get to a place that is cold and unfamiliar and we long for intimacy with Him again.  This takes a little bit of uncomfortable realization, but is worth is worth the hard work to get back on the right path. And if today you are carrying around the shame of unrepented sin, there is no better time than now to let Jesus break that chain and give you back your life and freedom.

We cannot be usable vessels when our will continually overthrows God’s will for us.  It can be difficult to discern God’s will, but I believe that is by design.  Jesus tells us that when we seek Him, we find Him. It’s simple in theory, but it takes work and dedication, it takes introspection and it’s often uncomfortable to let light shine on the dark areas that we try to keep hidden.  But who are we kidding, God sees it.  It’s best to deal with it now.

It’s not always ever easy or comfortable, but it’s always better.  Always.

Lord, today speak to us and through us.  Give us the strength and desire to seek and serve only You.  Help us to cast off the chains of sin, which leads ultimately to eternal separation from You, and let us be renewed by Your grace and mercy.  Let us think of You first, others next, and ourselves last.  Help us today to grow in You and be used for Your glory.  Amen.


6 thoughts on “A Prayer for Today

  1. Hi Kim,
    Thanks again for sharing your journey. I have been so blessed by it. Recently I stumbled across Envita Medical Center in Scottsdale Arizona. I felt led to share it with you. They may help you in ongoing care and treatment. Check it out!

  2. I just so happen to stumble across your blog as I was looking up my nightly “can Keytruda make me feel THIS way” search . My name is Rachel and I have been blessed to beat the odds of surviving not melanoma but the other M word Medothelioma. I was initially given then 9 month from diagnosis to death and come April fools day (no joke) I will have survived it 5 years. Survived it, and fought it for 5 years. It wasn’t til Monday 1/26/16 that I received the news of ” I see nothing” on my PET SCAN. Haven’t heard those words since I was branded with the diagnosis. I’m saying all this as I would love to pick your brain on your little c. My little was in both lungs, pleura, and decided to introduce itself to the brain. I’ve had 5 doses of Keytruda so far – had to take a small 6 week Holidsy from it due to some elevated liver enzymes. But I too am a Christ follower. I love Jesus … More than ever, so cancer is not all bad. I once said that if I had to have cancer to have the relationship that i have with Christ today well cancers not all bad. I am the creator of the GOD IS BIGGER MOVEMENT – i have a website in the making that looks really corny at the moment as a young man created it for me and we just don’t have quite the same vision but I would love to send you some stuff – my treat – if you’ll go to the facebook page – https://m.facebook.com/GODISBIGGERMOVEMENT/ inbox me a mailing address and the friendship begins :). I would like to know you’re experiences with keytruda – how long have you been on it? Have you had any side effects ? How’s your little c?

    Thanks for letting me rattle on.

    Rachel Shaneyfelt
    Trussville, AL
    My initial blog : http://www.mesothelioma.com/blog/authors/warrior/when-cancer-got-big-god-got-bigger-my-journey-with-mesothelioma.htm

    I look forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi Rachel!! I’m so sorry I’m only seeing this now but perhaps there is a reason for that. Your story gave me goosebumps I’m just overwhelmed right now with God’s goodness. I’m so excited to look into this movement you’ve created it definitely sounds like something awesome and needed for people to be reminded of for so many reasons right now. I’m gonna like your page and inbox you now! 😄

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