A Great Cancer Date

I haven’t updated on my health in a while – and that’s a good thing!  I’m doing really well and after some scans on Friday it seems as though I’m still responding to the chemo and can still be considered NED.  Hallelujah!!

Not only that but I got to go on a date today with my handsome son 😊 He has always had tons of questions regarding my treatments/doctor/etc so I figured since today I was just seeing my doc and not getting a treatment that it would be a great time to bring Evan along.


And was I ever right!  We had a blast.  He was his sweet and charming self and brought smiles to many faces in the waiting room.  And my oncologist was very impressed with his reading abilities and how smart and well-spoken he was for a 5 year old.  Yo, when one of the smartest people on this planet tells you your kid is smart, well, that’s a proud mommy moment!  Evan keeps telling everyone he talks to about how the doctor said he should skip kindergarten and go straight to first grade haha oh my we’ve created a monster…

So now I just have a brain MRI coming up next week to check out what my little brain tumor buddy is up to and make sure there aren’t any more lurking but I’m not worried since I’m not having any troublesome symptoms.  Life is just going really well.  I’ll praise Him in the low times too but right now I just have to thank God for this reprieve because it’s been so refreshing to my soul.

That’s all I got.  I hope you all are doing well!! ❤


13 thoughts on “A Great Cancer Date

  1. Keep blogging, i use them for others we know walking a similar journey. So instead of a future electrician we may have a future physician.

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