My Favorite Day

Maundy Thursday is my favorite holiday, if you can call it that.  It’s just this amazing, completely uncommercialized observance of the greatest act of sacrifice in history.  It’s painful to think about and hard to take in and it’s so, so necessary to keep in mind as we move into Easter.  A story marked by betrayal and undeserved punishment and culminating just a few days later with undeserved favor.


This will always be my favorite as it is a reminder that God’s word isn’t a fairy tale full of “happy” endings.  No, it’s this story of difficult truths of a man who gave it all up for us.  Who was sentenced to death by a crowd who just a few days welcomed him and shouted his praises.  Who was a threat to power and corruption and therefore was sentenced to die the death of the very worst criminals, although of course He committed no crime.  He beat death itself but it wasn’t without suffering on His part and reminds us that we are no better than our master, as Jesus reminded the disciples on this night many years ago.  It’s a reminder that we are expected to face trials of all sorts.  It also models for us how to pray as in Jesus’ last hours before his arrest, he spent fervently praying. Jesus prayed. Wow.

It’s not altogether uplifting, but in a culture of consumeristic Christianity it’s altogether too easy to forget that this is what we need to keep close to our hearts.

This day deserves reverence.  It deserves a time set aside to soak it in and process it.  Jesus not only felt every physical lash but he felt emotions that make this all the harder to take in.  Just my two cents anyway.

Heading to church now to observe this most holy of days ❤


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Day

  1. “Now my soul is troubled…”
    April 17, 2014Uncategorizedcancer, chemo, clinical trial, help, hope, melanoma, support
    I just read something that is really really interesting. I was laying in bed a few hours ago trying to fall asleep and since it’s Holy Week (the week leading up to Easter) I was trying to think about what might have been happening right now all those years ago. And as I lay there, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I came downstairs to read John and I stumbled across John 12:27-28 in which Jesus himself says, “Now my soul is deeply troubled. Should I pray, ‘Father, save me from this hour’? But this is the very reason I came! Father, bring glory to your name.” Am I crazy or does that sound like Jesus was a little nervous? And rightly so as He knew what was about

    Wow!!!!! I read your blog tonite and wanting to reflect on that verse I googled it for more commentary and the seventh or so link down in google search was your blog from April 2014. !!!!!!

  2. Was you on keytruda? It came up in my search as a keytruda kims blog. My husband is supposed to be starting this in 2 weeks never feel guilty for living miracles happen im still waiting for mine each day im given with my husband is a miracle in itself. Thank you for any advice!

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