As many of you know, I had my scans and visit with my oncologist today.  I got to meet with him after my full-body PET/CT and brain MRI and his initial read of the scans were that they looked good!  Like as in, no new cancer and zero growth of the old.  And, not to brag, but I’m pretty sure at one point his exact words were “Your brain looks Great”. So maybe there’s still that pesky brain tumor.  And maybe I have scar tissue from radiation that’s affecting my memory and some other cognitive functions, but still.  It looks great.  A win is a win in my book!

I also received some very comforting validation that as people were on this drug longer And longer (remember, when I started keytruda it was still in clinical trial) they have seen certain chronic issues emerge like…wait for it…headaches!!!  I am plagued by headaches every day And I tell ya I felt like I was going crazy because I’ve had every test in the book but there didn’t seem to be a reason for them.  Well there we go.  Validation.

And as a little cherry on top, I don’t have to go back in three months.  Oh no, I get to spread out my PET scans and oncology visits to every 4 months and my brain MRIs to every 8 months! I never, ever expected that.  He asked if I would feel anxious spacing them out and I told him that usually I forget all of this exists until a few days before and then I’m a wreck so we are spreading them out! Woo hoo!!  Now I can adequately worry about other things, like our first baby going off to kindergarten in a few short weeks….

Ok, so maybe I’m not officially “cancer free” but I do feel free from cancer, and quite officially, I might add.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief today that I’ve been holding in for a very, very long time. I mean come on! I was supposed to die by Christmas of 2014! This is insane…but a good kind of insane haha.

Thanks guys so so so much for all the love.  Every message, note, text, snapchat, encouraging verse and everything else seriously made my day and had me smiling and feeling the love. ❤ I seriously am blessed by those God has put in my path, and it does not go unnoticed.

A rainbow so vivid the other night that my jaw dropped. It was right over our church ❤

There’s always hope and God’s promises are always true!



21 thoughts on “Cancer…Free? 

  1. You were in the prayers of many today. Praising God for your wonderful news today! Praying for continued healing and your scans to get further and further apart until you don’t need to get them anymore!

  2. So incredibly happy for you and your family!! After spending the weekend with you, I wish I had your cognitive funtion!!! Love you!!

  3. I am so happy to hear your good news. I have a scan and MRI coming up in September. That scanxiety is the worst and I am the same way. My last scans were great as well as my MRI. Feeling as good as I am, I too sometimes forget I am stage IV lung cancer with mets in brain, spine, spleen and adrenal gland. I have been following you from the beginning. I am Terri Andrew’s Aunt Francine Kulp. Your strength was an inspiration to me. I have had gamma knife of the brain two times and I have been on chemo now every 21 days for 19 months. Continue as I and fight like a girl. God bless you Kim.

  4. Praise God!!! A friend of ours has a story similar to yours…she’s battled for ten years and is doing great on the same drug that you are. So keep the great news coming God!
    Unfortunately, my husband’s scans and numbers weren’t so good a few weeks ago. We’re going back on a new chemo combo next week but know that God’s plans are always bigger and better than ours and He is MORE THAN ABLE. Continued blessings to you and your family Kim.

  5. YES! We are so happy to hear this news. Adele’s doctor said something about never calling her cured, just in remission, and that he personally had patients in remission over 20 years. We will praise God for your remission and health, and prayers for a relief of those headaches.

  6. Praise the Lord! Another answer to prayer! God still has a purpose for you being here on this earth! As it is with the rest of us, so let’s live our lives to glorify him and thank him for each new day and each new breath! Love you, Kim!

  7. Praise God and the power of prayer! You are a treasure to your family and friends. I pray for the headaches to go away. Enjoy your big boy getting ready for school.

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