Results are in

I met with my oncologist in Philly this afternoon and I’m just still so astounded by how this all played out.

It started with seeing my results posted online yesterday.  The wordings of the reports from my brain MRI and my full body PET scan are something I literally thought I’d never see the day.  In fact, I was a little suspicious so while I shared the news with close family, I did not spread the word just in case my homie Dr. A would say something different today.  But yo.  Check it out:

Whoa.  There was a ton less medical jargon to google and the reports were shorter than I’ve ever seen.  What is happening?!  (There was a fascinating report detailing my sinus infection seen on both scans though.  Totally rad for real.)

Then today I met with my oncologist and he was obviously very pleased with how this is all going and… he thinks it’s ok for me to stop my seizure meds!  Why is this important?  Because he can’t assure me I won’t have any seizures once I’m off of it because he’s never had a stage 4 patient go off of this medicine.

It’s nuts.  And I only say this because I’m still trying to grasp this myself.  Once you have tumors in your brain from melanoma it’s typically marked as the beginning of the end.  The meds keep the side effects as minimal as possible while tumors typically grow, multiply, and metastasize.  And here is my genius doctor with a million patients saying he thinks it will be fine but he doesn’t know because he’s never had this opportunity before.  This was super exciting!!  

Until I had to give 10 vials of blood for research purposes.  Eh whatever, I’ll be a guinea pig for this. 😎

It was a gorgeous day today and I received some really great and exciting news.  I’ve recently found it harder to deal with this topic with the kids as they get older and have more specific questions but we take it a day at a time. 

Today, as we were laying in the grass watching the puffy white clouds roll quickly past us while basking in the patches of sunlight, I told them I had some big news.  I told them that at this point they can’t find any cancer in me.  My six year old sat straight up with an open mouth and wide eyes.  They began to sing “Mommy doesn’t have cancer!  Mommy doesn’t have cancer!”  My heart both flew and sank at the same time.  My kids are fully rejoicing in this good news, but it’s also not something that I would choose for them to have to deal with if I could avoid it.  

Our life is different from cancer but I cannot say it’s worse.  I know this isn’t the case for many people and so I share this with a heavy heart on their behalf.

So….we enjoyed the afternoon.  They played joyfully in the springtime weather and I rejoiced inside knowing that I shouldn’t even be here to see that.

It was a good day.


36 thoughts on “Results are in

  1. That was the best day! When Adele got that same news on her NHL (They couldn’t tell if it was stage 3 or 4) we rejoiced and cried tears of happiness. God has been with us all.

  2. WOW!! That is so awesome! Truly a miracle from God! What a blessing that you were led to this Dr and God gave him the wisdom to treat you and God healed you!! So happy you are still here to enjoy life’s blessings!!

  3. Congrats – what awesome news! I totally get being afraid to share/celebrate good news. Enjoy it while you’ve got it 😊👍
    I was down to see Dr A today also. I’m just getting started on a new treatment though- so not as fun of a visit.
    Best of luck to you!

    1. That is wild what are the odds?? Is the new treatment Keytruda (or he calls it pembro I think)? I’m so sorry to see you may have progression (sorry just glanced at your site quick, wanted to answer back). I’ll pray for you! ❤Kim
      If you ever want to chat, my email is its always nice to have friends in the community

      1. The pembro didn’t work, so I’m on a targeted therapy now. Talfinar + Mekenist. Had to stop for a few days b/c of side effects, but starting back up on a lower dose this weekend. Dr A is the best! So glad you are a new success story. I love to read about positive stories take care

      2. He is really the best. I’m sorry the pembro didn’t work, I haven’t heard of these other ones, hopefully they will be the ones to help! I also received ipilimumab, I don’t know if that’s an option for you because it does have loads of side effects but maybe keep it in mind. Keep me updated if you think of it!

  4. Praise God for the wonderful news! So happy for you and your beautiful family! My husband and I pray for you every day and will continue to pray for your continued healing.

  5. Kim, I am so happy and excited for you and your family. God is sooo good!
    We are starting down the cancer road with my brother. just diagnosed with stage 3 esophageal cancer. He had started his radiation and chemo already. I told him about you and your blog. He is hoping that God will get the glory from his journey with cancer. And of course, we are praying for a miracle of healing. Blessings to you.

  6. Praise the Lord for no cancer!!! You’re often on my mind and in my prayers so I look forward to your updates, especially when they’re filled with great news! God bless you and your family! Linda

  7. Praise God from whom ALL blessings FLOW! You just keep walking in the sunshine of His LOVE! HalleluYAH!

  8. Wonderful news, Kim!!!! So happy for you and all members of your family! Have you started writing your book yet?!?

  9. I came I across this blog… and it taught me hope and optimism! I am so glad that things are going better, thanks for sharing with us, and for teaching me so much! I send you a big hug, even though I dont know you 😀

  10. I am so excited for you. God is so good, and it is so encouraging since I an MRI tomorrow. I pray that someday my doctor will give me the same news.

  11. What a Blessing!! Keep on walking by faith and we’ll keep praying! God is so Good and I’m so very happy for you Sweet One! Stay Encouraged ❤️
    Ms. Teresa 🤗

  12. I am a candidate for Keytruda for stage 4 breast. Age 52. How many months were you on Keytruda until you reached “no evidence?” Congratulations, PTL!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I am really sorry to hear that you are too dealing with cancer but Keytruda is really a game changer for lots of people and I’m so glad that it is being used now and seeing success in many different types of cancer. I quit taking it about a year after I started. I got infusions every 3 weeks for that time. I cannot remember when exactly we started seeing progress but it was definitely quickly, within a few months. And I had no side effects besides headaches. I wish you the best! Please keep me updated of you think of it 💜

  13. Hi Kim.
    My name is Deanna and I am speaking at a Retreat. Our theme is Unfinished…a journey of faith. I would like to print out your blog article from life beautiful magazine and use your latest blog at the end of retreat. Please let me know if it is ok…and…I too was raised in the Nazarene Church!!! Currently attending a different church, but what a foundation to build on! Hope to hear from you soon…and-Thank you for being so real…I think we would be good friends😁💝.

    1. Hi Deanna, I’m so sorry I’m just seeing this! New phone and no notifications – I’m so sorry! If your event hasn’t already passed then yes absolutely you can use whatever!! I hope everything goes well. And I totally agree, I have found no issue with Nazarene doctrine at all, its a wonderful foundation 😊

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