The Final Chapter

I need to start by saying that I know I don’t update much anymore, but this warrants an update. You guys, it’s been 7 👏 YEARS 👏 since all this cancer nonsense started. Seven! Seven years since I decided to take the “Big C” from cancer and keep it with Christ. And I’m almost 6 years past my “expiration date” 😉

It’s so crazy to look back and see how this has all played out and since I had scans today I wanted to update you guys because you have been so amazing to us through all of this.

Annual scan selfie from today 😆

Today I drove to Philly with a heavy heart. And I had to go by myself because of all the Covid restrictions. Even though every year there’s a thought in my head that something could pop up, today I felt fairly sure something would. Last night in searching the Psalms, this excerpt struck me. Yes! Even if something crops up and I’m back to treatments, and procedures, and prognoses, I will still rejoice in my salvation!!

Everything went smoothly with my brain MRI to check on my brain tumor and my full body PET scan and so I drove home and waited for a call from my oncologist, assuring myself whatever it was, God was with us. Many of my friends and family members were encouraging me throughout the day and it meant the world to me!

I won’t make you wait, when my oncologist called he was pleased to say that not only did my scans look great but since I’ve had 5 years of clean scans now, I don’t have to go back for any more! Our conversation was short and sweet, but there was one little nugget that I wrote down because I never want to forget it…

He asked if I had any questions so I asked him, medically, what I’m supposed to call it when people ask, am I cancer free? In remission? His response, “I don’t think there’s really a good word or term for it, you’re kind of a trailblazer here. It’s not really supposed to work like this.” He went on to tell me I should consider myself cured. My oncologist used the word “cured”!! I couldn’t believe it. Of course, he advised I still remain diligent with my health and if anything is worrying me to call him, but I’m no longer advised to get yearly scans.

In my mind, the absolute best case scenario here would have been hearing “your scans look good, see ya next year”, so this was unfathomable. Reminds me of Ephesians 3:20 “‘Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine”. Absolutely more than I could have asked or imagined.

I know so many people don’t get this news, and for that I do struggle with survivor’s guilt and I cannot give an answer. It’s a lot of complicated emotions, but I would say guilt is the biggest. I understand that it isn’t fair and I wish I could explain any of this, but I can’t.

It feels final. It feels done. It really feels over, after all this time. Below you’ll find a short recap through pictures of some of the highlights (low points….) of this journey. My thanks to all who have prayed for us, I know many of you have followed even though we’ve never met, there are no words for our gratitude!

Love and blessings to all of you!! ✌️❤️

A few months before being diagnosed
2 months post neck-dissection after 1st radiation treatment
Radiation hair loss
After 25 radiation treatments 😳
Port life
Accessing my port for immunotherapy
My brain tumor
Gamma knife radiation on brain tumor
Clinical trial round 2 – Keytruda
Current facial situation (transplant site and scar from neck dissection)
Just a few months ago ☺️

27 thoughts on “The Final Chapter

  1. Kim, what awesome, amazing news!!! God bless you and your family! I pray for you daily and will continue to do so. So wonderful to hear of a modern day miracle! Now if we can just get Covid taken care of! God bless, Linda

  2. Kim, I am so HAPPY for you. God is so GOOD! I feel like doing a jig!! 💃🏼 Praising God for His faithfulness. I pray God will continue to bless and use you. You are such a special person who has so much to offer. Love you, Penny

  3. Boy,,,,,way to keep the reader fearing the worst……..what joyous news,,,,,,so happy for you………now you need to get a publisher to ProCURE you a book deal….

  4. You are AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL & INSPIRATIONAL & FAITHFUL!! My life is truly blessed because you’re in it & this is the best news EVER!! ❤❤❤

  5. I have been in oft repeated prayer over this, requesting specifically that He be glorified in all of this. I smile at His answer. The wisest thing you have done (in my opinion) has been to be open and honest, especially for those whose supplications on your behalf would be careful to follow up with praising Him for His answers.

  6. Reading your post – I was initially blessed by your peace. Then for some reason, I had chills. Finally, I had tears quickly followed by joy for you… incredible journey indeed! Physically, mentally and spiritually.

  7. Fantastic! I’m still hanging in there. It will be 6 years for me in January. I have a cat scan tomorrow to check out my neck to pelvis. Thursday I will be having my 102nd infusion. You have been such an influence to me. Thank you for sharing. Continued success.

    Francine Kulp ( Teri Andrew’s ain’t)

  8. Amen! Praise God❣️What an awesome Good we serve. Following your journey has been inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. Soo Great to here and a huge Thank You God for sparing my cousin and letting her continue to honor and praise you, bless her family, friends and even strangers. She is one of your greatest ambassadors and mych stronger than i am for sure! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Love ya Kim and may Gid continue to Bless You in many ways, so you can continue blessing others. Soo very grateful and over joyed. Love ya bunches!!! Tami, Aunt Lynda and Uncle Charlie.

  10. To God Be the Glory, great things He has done.What a testimony of Gods healing power. Many will believe in our wondrous God, because they will see what He’s done through you.

  11. Kim, I don’t know you , but let me tell you our God is great and there is NOTHING our God can’t do! I cried when I read your blog. You may feel survivor guilt, but God needs you here on earth for a reason. God is using you in so many ways . It may be to touch another person that your close to or for someone you don’t know at all. I’m so happy for you. May God keep you wrap in his arms, guide you, use you where needed. I give thanks to God for healing you ! Let God use you whenever and wherever your needed .


  12. God has been good!I pray and think of your family , every day! It’s been awesome , watching your children grow! And those wonderful cookies you make!

  13. I am Tami Murphy’s aunt and have followed your journey. It gave us encouragement as we entered our own journey with my husband’s stage 4 metastatic lung cancer in 2017… he too is now 3 years past his “expiration date”… so we are praising God for the many miracles He displays! Thank you

  14. Sending you so much love and prayer!
    What a wonder to see your little family so joyful.

    I’ve followed you over the past six or so years since my boyfriend was diagnosed with a rare cancer, ocular melanoma.

    Somehow, some way…your ability to be so faithful and focused on such a equally challenging time gave me peace and eased the unknowns.

    Happy for you!

  15. WOW, Kim!! Such great news! Tears streaming down my face rejoicing in what God has done!! Your journey has increased my faith and has shown me just how amazing our God is! Love to you and your family!! ❤️❤️
    Dawn Wilson

  16. Praise the Lord!!!!! Kim I just am sending praises heaven-Ward and virtual hugs to you and your wonderful family!! God obviously has so much more work for you to do for His kingdom here on earth! I forwarded this post to a friend who is currently going through immunotherapy for melanoma…similar case. You have no idea how many lives you have touched, how many people you have encouraged and how many souls have been saved through your story. What Satan means for evil, God uses for good. If you are ever in Iowa or I’m ever in your neighborhood I hope to meet. But if not, I’ll find you one the other side. 💜. Continued blessings!!

  17. What an awesome story. Praise God! I remember following your blog, can’t believe it’s been 7 years already. You’re living proof that He is still at work doing what He does… miracles!! He’s not done with you yet. 🥰 Thank you for sharing your story. ❤️

  18. Reading about your journey has refueled my hope.My daughter in law is on this journey right now.Although they have said there is nothing more they surgically they can do,my hope and faith are in God.So happy for you💗

  19. I don’t know you, Kim but I’ve followed the journey and joined in prayer. I’m praising God with you for this miracle! May the Lord bless you and keep you and your precious family.

    Love from the Czech Republic, Kerensa McFrederick

  20. Truly, You are a walking miracle! Praise God!!! I can’t tell you just how happy I am for you and your Beautiful family- May the peace and Joy of Our Father God continue to be with you and yours. Blessings

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