2017 word of the year for us: Sacrifice! Eric and I were called to give up a lot, I mean, A LOT! But we chose obedience over acceptance, as difficult as that was at times.

I won’t undercut those who suffer from true depression, but I have felt depression deeper this year than I have ever known even when dying from cancer. Truly. Although we know we still “have” our church family from New Holland (and love them!), it still felt like God was telling us to give that up as our place of worship. For Him. Not because New Holland is any way bad, NO, not at all!! But because it was time. For us.

We felt led to plant a church and that NH would no longer be our place of worship, after 12 years and the fact that it’s the only church home I’ve ever had, that was hard. I have cried more over these last few months at the “loss” of this family, and most specifically at the loss of being a part of the youth group, than I ever have at anything regarding to cancer. Yeah, seriously….

But God had not left us without. Not even a little. He has given us a new church and a new vision and this has been an amazing blessing to our family. Church planting is, well, WAY more work than I ever thought it would be. That’s not necessarily bad, it just is what it is.

2017 has been very hard for the same reasons that it has been wonderful: People. We love and value all of the relationships we have and that have flourished this year and we mourn the loss of those that we have lost. We have lost friendships and for that, I grieve. But I don’t want to lose focus on my goal of spreading Christ simply based on the disapproval of Christians who don’t agree with my methods. I just can’t. It’s too important and they can say literally whatever they want about me, I know the truth and so does God. And my mission is pure, regardless.

It’s been a hard time because I felt like I needed to hide all of this hurt. But our old church has supported us so much and so have many others and for that we are thankful!

I’m praying that God will do BIG things in us and through us this year as we try to reach those who do not know Him!

We are totally unworthy of this calling to plant a God-honoring church but so excited because that’s how we know God works – through those of us that are unworthy.

May His strength be shown in my weakness as my weaknesses have been on full display this year. I’ve been quick to anger. Oh! So quick. I’ve said less than kind things as a reaction to being hurt. I’ve tried to be a pleaser of people. I’ve lost sight occasionally of the ultimate goal and passion of living for the purpose and life that only Jesus can give. Sadly, even after all I’ve been through with cancer, it’s possible still to lose sight of the most important things because of hurts caused by people. How silly, ultimately.

And I’ve been listening to way too much Taylor Swift. Haha! But seriously there are times that “Bad Blood” has seemed way more appropriate to me at the given moment than any Chris Tomlin song.

I’m a work in progress.

But I can’t and won’t live to please people. God is real and He is good and I will live to please Him only. This has been a surprisingly hard realization to come to regarding all of the testing we have endured this year, but I believe things are looking up and I can’t wait to keep giving God the glory!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2018!!


Thank you, Chris Tomlin

Ok, so I try not to preface because usually it’s unnecessary, but I feel like I should let you know in case you don’t already just who Chris Tomlin is.  He is a Christian mega-celebrity.  The Beyoncé of contemporary Christian music.  The Sandra Bullock of worship music.  The Taylor Swift of worship leaders in America (minus the pettiness.  Well, I guess I don’t actually know his level of petty, but I’m assuming it’s lower than me and TS’s.). And I, little old me, got a personalized video message of encouragement from him! (See below).

All that said, I had a pretty cool experience this week.  As my “cancerversary” is right around the corner and we have had some pretty big life changes lately, I’ve found myself more pensive than usual.  I’m having a hard time declaring my gratitude to God for his powerful healing in my life from cancer because survivor’s guilt keeps me from proclaiming His healing glory.  And the fact that he used a missionary who prayed over me as a vehicle to showcase that power?  It’s all so wild and unbelievable, and yet being healed from stage 4 terminal cancer is my truth.  Even if just for now.  I mean, I’m already almost 3 years past my oncologist-given expiration date and that’s pretty hard to shake.  Am I boasting?  Well, maybe, but Paul feels me on this:

So at the risk of sounding like a braggart again, stay with me because I think this is kind of cool.  When I was very very sick a few years ago, I wanted to go to Creation festival but couldn’t.  I had been in 2009, and besides being introduced to a little-known up-and-coming rapper named Lecrae, I also got to see Chris Tomlin as he lead worship.  His set is firmly embedded in my memory (even with as much of my memory I’ve lost through radiation and seizures) as a very worshipful and powerful time.  Declaring God’s glory and proclaiming His goodness with thousands of others.  Just awesome.

So fast forward a few years.  I’m literally dying.  My physical body is failing.  I’m mentally prepping for death for myself and prepping my kids for my death and that this time they are 2 & 4.  I bought a burial plot and have asked for an evangelistic service with an altar call.  And amongst so many other supportive and ridiculously amazing people in my life, I have a beautiful and kind-hearted friend who works at the Creation festival.  I message her and tell her, if it’s in any way possible, could she please just tell Chris that his song “Angel Armies” was one of the most healing songs for my weary soul.  It reminded me of God’s power and, at a time when I was powerless to change anything in my own life, it soothed my weary heart to hear that God is still in this.

This is what I got in return:

Ok, I’m not deluded enough to think that some people are better or more important than others, but that was pretty cool!

I had a lot of feelings about this, but mostly I just had to smile at the naive thought that I, a dying person, would somehow get to see Chris Tomlin again in this earthly life.  He was so sweet, but so naive.  I wouldn’t be seeing him and I knew it, but I so appreciated that kind gesture!

And here I am as of a few nights ago.  Seeing Chris Tomlin live and absolutely breaking down and ugly crying during “Angel Armies”​


It’s a weird, amazing, wonderful, guilt-ridden, triumphant, and awe-inspiring benchmark in this journey.  I have so much more I want to say, but for now I’ll say thanks to Mr. Tomlin for his faith that we would, indeed, see each other in the future (even if I was just a face in the crowd – I’m more than ok with that).  

Life is crazy.  Cancer is terrifying.  But God is steadfast and He is good.  Always. 

Why Did You Stop Blogging?

I get asked why I stopped writing fairly frequently, and it always manages to throw me off guard a little bit.  I mean, people actually noticed?  I truly love that so many people have joined us in this crazy journey and I never cease to be amazed by the endless support that even people who don’t know us readily shower us with.  So I’ll address this the very best I can and I hope it makes sense.

It was on purpose.  I didn’t just get busy or forget about it, it’s something I enjoy doing and it’s a cool way to connect with people but I felt that God told me to wait.  And so I was only posting as barebones as possible with announcements and scans and things because people are so amazingly awesome that when I would go a long spell without reporting, people worried I had died.  I don’t want people to worry!  But I came to a place where I knew God was trying to tell me something and I needed a period of silence to be able to hear Him properly.  So I pulled back from writing and did what I felt Him telling me to do which was study scripture and focus on face-to-face ministry.  Taking the time to truly connect, one on one, with the people whom I was sharing the gospel and building up in faith.  And I needed to grow my own too before I felt comfortable speaking out on a public forum about anything definitively.  My greatest fear has become misrepresenting God and I needed to learn so much more about Him before I could be confident that I wasn’t doing just that.

I also felt, and maybe I was projecting, that people were getting sick of me.  Tired of the same old story.  I know that there are some people who are less than enthusiastic about our recent endeavors, but I also think I was sick of myself.  If I’m being honest, I had been putting way too much stock in what people thought of me and was fueling myself off of the positive things people said about me.  It was a tough realization that I was worried more about what people thought about me than what God thought of the message I was bringing, so I needed to step back and take a breather.

I believe that respite has done me some good and I feel God has not only laid a message on my heart but also a burning passion to share it.

But how?

I have this platform in my blog that is really cool and can be effective, people have suggested I write a book, I just didn’t know what to do with this.  I love writing and that seemed appealing to me simply because it’s something I enjoy, but again, we would be back to a non-connective way to reach people.

So I’m going to open myself up to doing the best of both worlds and try to share my testimony, my crazy cancer story and the message that God has placed urgently on my heart by speaking.  Well, that is, if anyone wants to hear me haha.  Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to speak to many groups and in churches and it’s always so much more difficult than simply writing but much more meaningful because there’s personal connection and dialogue.  And I never get tired of changing something I’m going to say last minute because the Spirit moves then hearing someone tell me that that specific thing was impactful to them.  God is so amazing!!  And I so much long to see revival in the American church that I’m willing to get really uncomfortable for it.

And please know, this is not self-promotion.  In fact, I struggled with how to convey this so that it didn’t come across haughty or self-righteous or that I think I’m so special or talented or whatever but my husband has been telling me for a few years that I need to put myself out there for this.  And I think I finally have a message worth sharing along with this crazy cancer testimony.  And I’ll put it out there, I’m not an especially good speaker, I’m just passionate and want to share it.

So I’ll say this, if you or your church is looking for someone to come and speak, I am willing.  Women’s groups, youth groups, cancer groups, Wednesday night, Sunday morning, secular groups, (I’ve even spoken to sports groups believe it or not.  And if that’s not showing God’s sense of humor I’m not sure what is!)  Anyway, my point is, whatever it is, even if it’s only 4 people, I’m in.  I don’t, and will never, charge and there’s no expectation of any financial reimbursement whatsoever.  I just want to see revival in the church and to see God be glorified through my willingness to live in obedience, even if it means being uncomfortable.  And public speaking, for me, is very uncomfortable!

I’m not looking to be famous or well-known or anything like that, in fact that’s a super cringe-y thought, honestly.  I’m not going to promote myself or anything like that.  It’s just that I feel like I have this crazy story for a reason, and like the woman at the well, who was so consumed with Jesus after her encounter with Him, I just want to go and tell it!  John 4:39, y’all!  And I’m not like trying to do this for a job, just putting it out there that if you need someone and think I would be a good fit, I’m here.  I’m in PA, by the way.

Maybe no one will take me up on this, and that’s ok.  I have a few “gigs” coming up that I am really looking forward to and really enjoying prepping for.  But I’m putting it out there because, well, I feel like I have to.  If you want to get ahold of me, you can email me at, can comment here, or if you know me in person, facebook me or call me and I will try my best to make it happen.  I’ll do my best to respond so if you try to contact me and I don’t respond, assume I didn’t get it for some reason and maybe it was the wrong email address or something.

But What If

“But what if you are sick?!” She questioned, bottom lip quivering, with all of the composure a 4 year old can muster.  My mind raced with all the intricacies of cancer and how best to soften that blow for a child.  Teary-eyed, I explained to her that if that was the case, that God would take care of us.

But she didn’t want to hear that.  She wanted to hear that Mommy was ok and that Mommy wasn’t sick.  My little girl, who is usually an eager sleeper, refused to go to bed because she knew when she went to sleep that when she woke up I wouldn’t be there.  

So much for routine scans!  “Routine scans” are a mysterious blessing not afforded to all cancer patients and not guaranteed to us at any point.  There was a time in my cancer journey that those words, “routine scans”, sounded like a pipe dream.  Literally something that just wasn’t for me because my time had come and gone.  I always feel great until the night before scans.  And even then, the bad feelings are usually reserved for just me.  But tonight, my daughter caught wind of something that she never really fully understood before.  Yes, Mommy was sick through most of her life but from what she can remember, Mommy has always been there.  Tonight as I laid her down for bed, she wrestled with the fact that I wouldn’t be there when she woke up.

“Mommy just needs to go to the doctor for the day so they can tell me I’m not sick!”  I told her.  She seemed relieved at first, until she thought about it more.  But what if…

Our son is almost 7 and he has always just sort of understood all of this.  Not that it hasn’t been hard on him, but he always took it in stride and seemed to understand.  He didn’t like when I wasn’t there but he got it.  This is the first time Brit has asked so many questions and she just is not ok with the answers.  And I don’t blame her, I just wasn’t ready for this tonight.

Tonight as I was laying with her while she fell asleep (something she begged me for tonight, and never does this) she kept trying to figure out ways, through tear-soaked cheeks that she would get through tomorrow.  She finally said, “Ok Mommy, I will sleep as late as I can then pretend you are at the store and will be home at dinner.  Mommy, promise me you will be home by dinner!”

Of course I can’t promise any such thing, but I see my broken-hearted child before me.  Faced, for the first time in her life, with the understanding that Mommy may not always be there.  And so I try to assure her, with as much confidence as I can muster, that I will do my absolute best to be home for dinner tomorrow.  

My son comes out of his room, curious as to why his sister is crying.  And I have to tell him that he needs to be there for her tomorrow and things will be different but that he can make sure she’s ok.  On the surface, I’m only talking about tomorrow.  But in my heart, I know I’m talking much longer term.

What if?  Well, if something shows up, then I will try my best to be here.  And if I can’t, I need him to step in and help her when I can’t.  It’s symbolic and it’s heavy and it’s real.  I have scans tomorrow and they may be just fine.  But what if…



Over the past few weeks, I’ve used this word to calm me down in the midst of emotional turmoil.  There have been a lot of exciting things happening (our church plant!! So amazing.  Will update on that later 😊) but also a lot of…not so great things.  Without going into detail, just know that my husband and I have been attacked more in these last few weeks and have had our names dragged through the mud and, honestly, it was really a difficult time.  I like people to like me and to understand where I’m coming from so it’s really hard when you find out you are being grossly misrepresented.  It hurts.  And it sucks.  And it’s completely unnecessary!

Perspective.  I’ve reminded myself that my eternity is not defined by what people say about me or how they perceive my motives.  Or even if they like me!  I trust only in God who sent His son to die on the cross for my sins so that I could be reconciled to Him and do His work.  Period.  If that makes me unlikeable, then so be it.  “”
I’ve come to see how wonderful it is to have people in your life who truly “get” you and support you (or call you out when you’re ridiculous).  But I’ve also realized how much time and energy I was putting into caring about things that just don’t matter.  

Let me quick check my meter for how much unnecessary drama I’m able to tolerate right now….ok, yup, it’s at zero.

Think about what you were most outraged/passionate about today, then think about this- According to stats from UNICEF, 29,000 children under the age 5 have died TODAY from preventable causes!  29,000!!  Starvation, diarrhea, lack of access to vaccines, dehydration, and parasites top the list of why.  You see what I mean?!  There’s just no time for nonsense, there is work to be done. 

Don’t get me wrong, it is completely possible to care about a whole bunch of things all at once, absolutely.  And I love being a part of dialogue where all sides are heard and valued.  I just refuse to believe the worst in people so I’ve chosen to always hear people out.  This has been a wonderful tactic for meaningful connection!  And I’m only sorry I didn’t consciously try it sooner.  

Disclaimer: I’m not trying to sound “better than anyone” (because if I’ve learned anything over the last few months it’s that someone will think that) but just to make us think and, yes, give us some perspective.

Get this, I even stopped blogging because I was worried what people would think of me!  They would think I’m annoying and self-promoting, self-righteous and selfish.  I don’t care anymore.  What I do care about is people.  People who are hurting and suffering here and all over the world.  And I intend to do something about that.

Jesus was very clear and I take his commands and those of the disciples very seriously, so instead of worrying about what others think (and by doing so stopping my effectiveness as a disciple of Christ), I’m simply going to focus in on what I’m commanded to do by the One who holds my heart.  If you want to be a part of this ride, you’re more than welcome to join me!!

I’m going to care for the orphans and widows, I’m going to love God and love people, and I’m going to go and make disciples.  Period.

Try and stop me.

Excitement and Sadness

I haven’t written in so long!  For that I can say honestly both “I’m sorry” and “you’re welcome”.  I’m not delusional enough to think that anyone can’t get by without an update post from me but I also understand that with the cancer I have sometimes not updating leaves people thinking the worst.  So here I am!  Feeling great and loving life and ready for our next few adventures, some of which some of you are aware of and some of which may be quite the surprise.  

First of all, long story short, we are just about finished with building our very own house!!  It’s unbelievably exciting and we should be fully moved in this week.  It’s crazy how things went from just talking and dreaming to actually building and doing.  It’s been a ton of work but it’s paying off big time.  Here, check out our little slice of heaven!

But the truth is, I didn’t really want to update anyone about our house.  Is it wonderful?  Yeah, definitely.  But we have something much more exciting going on that we need to explain to people: we are planting a church.

Yes.  You read that right.  We are in the process of starting a church right in the area we will be living!!  I am so excited that I could scream, and yet I’m also so sad that I could, and do, cry at the mention of it.  So please, feel free to check out now if this doesn’t interest you.  But if you know us and go to church with us, please hear me out, because I have so much to say.

1. This was not our idea.

We believe God has been working on this in our hearts for a long time but because we have been so happy and comfortable at our church, we didn’t see it.  We have had Acts on our hearts and minds for years as an example of how to “do” church and we are thrilled to try to take this out to our new community.

2. This is not in spite of our current church. It’s because of it.

It’s because of it.  Did you get that?!  We have been so inspired by how the people at our church love and move and breathe Jesus to the New Holland community that we were inspired to do the same in the new community where we will live.  I will always love New Holland Church of the Nazarene.  Always.  We have no reason for leaving besides being obedient to a calling.  We love it there and we love the people there.  That will not change, not ever.  I would recommend that as a church to people without hesitation.  It’s where I found Jesus and where I found a Christ-centered family that supported us and loved us through our hardest times.  You all taught us how to be the church and I pray that we can do that any sort of justice in moving forward with this endeavor of starting a church of our own.  

3. We aren’t trying to start a trend or create a divide.

Unity!  Christ came for unity!  I’m sad to say this but Christians can be just as bad as anyone about jumping to conclusions and assuming intentions and I truly hope that we don’t get caught in the middle of these things.  These things are of the devil and are meant to destroy the church’s credibility so can we all just do our best to not fall prey to this?  My biggest fear in this is that our church will feel betrayed, but I hope I’m wrong.  I hope people will support this endeavor with love and prayer because aren’t we all on the same team??

4. We aren’t trying to steal anyone.

Look, we aren’t trying to take anyone from an already established church who is involved and happily serving.  But if you have felt the call to be a part of a church plant and wish to be involved in this then we welcome you to come and see what we are about.  Just as how it is layed out in Acts, our goal is to build community and serve in Jesus’ name. We want to be outreach focused and we are putting our tithe directly towards community causes.  These are things that our core group all felt strongly about and it’s so exciting to think about the implications for the Kingdom!  

5. Please, talk to me.

I know I’m not the most important human in the universe but I also know that there may be people who have questions or who feel uneasy about this.  Please please get a hold of me because I do not want to leave our church on a bad note.  It’s the only church I’ve ever known and I love it so dearly.  Please, if you want to talk about this, talk directly to me, I’m happy to clarify!

6. Lastly (And most importantly) I do not feel “released” from NH Naz

When I became a Christian, I had to learn a lot of “Christian-ese”.  Most of the phrases and sayings came to make good sense to me and I began to speak this language fluently. But one phrase never made sense to me is the idea of being “released” from a church.  Since becoming a Christian 10 years ago now, I’ve heard it said countless times that the church is not the building, it’s the people.  And that’s exactly why I feel no sense of release from our church.  I love these people with my whole heart and have no desire to lose any contact with any of them.  We intend, with the blessing of our current pastoral leadership, to remain involved in the kingdom work at NH Naz, we just won’t be there Sunday mornings.

I have no idea how this is coming off or even if anyone will care, but it’s been on our hearts for months and as we have a target start date in mind for our new church (Sept 17th!!) we just felt like the cat should come out of the bag and people should hear it from the horse’s mouth.  Animal analogies aside, we are ready!  And if you live in the Lancaster/Lebanon area of PA, feel free to contact me for more info about Faith Journey Church!!

**I’m editing this to add this: if you have any suggestions or advice on church planting we are more than open to hearing it!


Results are in

I met with my oncologist in Philly this afternoon and I’m just still so astounded by how this all played out.

It started with seeing my results posted online yesterday.  The wordings of the reports from my brain MRI and my full body PET scan are something I literally thought I’d never see the day.  In fact, I was a little suspicious so while I shared the news with close family, I did not spread the word just in case my homie Dr. A would say something different today.  But yo.  Check it out:

Whoa.  There was a ton less medical jargon to google and the reports were shorter than I’ve ever seen.  What is happening?!  (There was a fascinating report detailing my sinus infection seen on both scans though.  Totally rad for real.)

Then today I met with my oncologist and he was obviously very pleased with how this is all going and… he thinks it’s ok for me to stop my seizure meds!  Why is this important?  Because he can’t assure me I won’t have any seizures once I’m off of it because he’s never had a stage 4 patient go off of this medicine.

It’s nuts.  And I only say this because I’m still trying to grasp this myself.  Once you have tumors in your brain from melanoma it’s typically marked as the beginning of the end.  The meds keep the side effects as minimal as possible while tumors typically grow, multiply, and metastasize.  And here is my genius doctor with a million patients saying he thinks it will be fine but he doesn’t know because he’s never had this opportunity before.  This was super exciting!!  

Until I had to give 10 vials of blood for research purposes.  Eh whatever, I’ll be a guinea pig for this. 😎

It was a gorgeous day today and I received some really great and exciting news.  I’ve recently found it harder to deal with this topic with the kids as they get older and have more specific questions but we take it a day at a time. 

Today, as we were laying in the grass watching the puffy white clouds roll quickly past us while basking in the patches of sunlight, I told them I had some big news.  I told them that at this point they can’t find any cancer in me.  My six year old sat straight up with an open mouth and wide eyes.  They began to sing “Mommy doesn’t have cancer!  Mommy doesn’t have cancer!”  My heart both flew and sank at the same time.  My kids are fully rejoicing in this good news, but it’s also not something that I would choose for them to have to deal with if I could avoid it.  

Our life is different from cancer but I cannot say it’s worse.  I know this isn’t the case for many people and so I share this with a heavy heart on their behalf.

So….we enjoyed the afternoon.  They played joyfully in the springtime weather and I rejoiced inside knowing that I shouldn’t even be here to see that.

It was a good day.